Acclaimed Concert Pianist Pina Antonelli Praises Chupp’s Piano

Chupp’s Piano Service has worked with legendary concert pianist Pina Antonelli for over a decade. She has purchased her two Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grands from us and we then worked with her to later sell one of these instruments and trade the other for one of our premium restored Steinway Model B Grands. She was kind enough to send in this letter of testimony.

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for your on-going efforts on behalf of selling my beloved Steinway D.

Your personal approach and generous attitude have been very consoling and always engineering trust and confidence.

Parting with such a fine instrument was rather “wrenching” to me.

You have been patient, kind and determined, for which I am grateful.

Your integrity, enthusiasm and obvious expertise in all our past dealings will certainly be the incentive for future ones as they may arise.

My very BEST wishes for continuing success in your business.

Health and prosperity for you and yours always!

Sincerely, Pina Antonelli

Concert Pianist’s Assessment of Chupp’s Piano Steinway D

I have been privileged to travel all over this great nation and into Canada and Europe. I’ve performed in concert halls too many to count and have played on some impressive pianos that were top-notch. However, I must say……..the Steinway & Sons Model D concert grand #256335 I played on in Shipshewana, Indiana,  earlier this month from Chupp’s Piano Service was one of the best pianos I’ve ever played on, period! Being a female, I do not like stiff actions and this was very easy to play and yet had such a commanding sound and ‘feel’ that simply pulled the music out of me.  Thank you, Chupps Piano Service, for providing quality pianos that always go above my expectations. Keep up the great work!

Kim CollingsworthConcert Pianist

Letter of Appreciation From An Internet Customer

Dear Mr. Chupp,

Since Tim and Kyle left, I have been playing this beautiful piano. The action of the piano and the color is simply amazing. Even with my limited piano skills, I can get some color changes. I heard this kind of beautiful sound in Clara Haskil’s Mozart recordings, but I did not think it was possible with my playing. The piano must have been adjusted perfectly before it left Indiana, the tuning stayed almost perfect.

Everything about delivery went smoothly. I am glad it was not raining when they came.

We plan to do some home concerts here. I can show off this beautiful piano. I have a 250-year old violin. Even though I do not know much about the piano, I can appreciate how much and what kind of works you put into to make it to this condition.I love the touch of the piano.

I was surprised myself doing this big shopping by online. I simply trusted your background and what I saw in the picture. I am very happy that I found this. Thank you very much,

AyakoProfessor of ViolinUniversity of Central FloridaOrlando, FL

Thank You Note From the Holiday Drawing Winner’s Son

Zachary Kern

Winner of the Holiday Piano Giveaway Drawing

Dear Mr. Chupp,

I wanted to let you know how truly grateful we are for the beautiful piano you have given my family.  My son Zachary has been taking piano lessons for six months now.  He has been learning on an electric keyboard.  He said all he wanted for Christmas was a real piano.  Well sir, you have made that wish come true.  Your son delivered the piano yesterday and Zachary has been non-stop piano every since.

I’m attaching a couple of pictures of Zachary and his brothers for you to see.

Please accept our sincerest thank you and appreciation for this wonderful piano.

I hope you and your family enjoy a blessed holiday.  You have made it one for our family through your generous gift.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Stacey Kerns

Thank You Note From A Steinway & Sons Model A-III Customer

Hi Dennis,

I hope you are well.  It’s been a while but thought I’d write to touch base regarding the Steinway A-III you restored for me.

The piano is settling in nicely and the new strings are stabilizing well.  I just had the piano tuned this week after the summer heat broke (it was particularly brutal this year), and again I am in awe of how beautiful the instrument sounds. I find myself looking forward to coming home and practicing in the evenings! My technician, who is a Steinway man himself, was particularly impressed with the belly work and the care you took in that part of the instrument. He also commented several times on the beautiful tone of the instrument, in the shadings of timbre piano produced. He agrees with me that it is a particularly beautiful piano.

Anyway, my piano is sounding better than ever, playing marvelously, and looking like a million dollars. The touch and lightness of the action are absolutely fantastic. I am extremely happy with what you were able to do for me, especially given my budget restraints.  I just want to say thank you and if I can ever help in any way, or give a referral, please don’t hesitate to call on me.

Michael ConradyDirector of Music St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Letter of appreciation after purchase of a Mahogany Steinway model A

Yes, the piano arrived on Tuesday this week.  It is Gorgeous, Fabulous, and incredible!!!  I cried when the first song played. One of my dad’s favorite songs “Close to You”.  He was a fan of the Carpenters and always said Karen Carpenter sang much better than Barbra Streisand!  I could see him sitting at the piano.  It has been an emotional couple days!  Please relay to your staff what a wonderful job they did on the restoration.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

Thanks again!  I “liked” your company on Facebook!!

Eric and Beverle

Customers send appreciation note about their Steinway B purchased from Chupp’s Piano Service

Dear Dennis, I wanted to write you a quick note letting you know how much we are enjoying the Steinway Model B we purchased from you. It is a lovely instrument with a wonderful sound. The piano was in almost perfect tune when it was delivered, even after the cross country move. The delivery company did a friendly and capable job. Thank you again. Adam and Kate.

Adam & Kate

Proud owner of a Steinway L restored by Chupp’s Piano Service

Hi, I have recently purchased a Steinway L, #251617, which was evidently restored by you. I love it! I love the tone…everything about it! Thanks so much! Great work!


Local Client who assisted a friend in the purchase of a Yamaha U-10 Upright

Dennis, As my favorite old stringed instrument dealer, used to say, “I believe that the sale of musical instruments should be a service profession!” Indeed, I thought of my old friend as I watched you with Weyburn and Thelma on Thursday last week. Superb quality was actually only a part of the equation. I was so impressed with the way you listened to Weyburn and helped him come to a good decision. And then, the way you accommodated him by entering into the surprise aspect of his gift — went way beyond the expectation of professional courtesy. I’m guessing that you fully realized the gift of happiness you gave them. And that you’ve had that experience before! Let Kathryn and me add our thanks also. And kudos for elevating what many might think of as a daily job to a completely higher level.

Lon Sherer, A.Mus.D.Emeritus Professor of Music, Goshen College
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