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Beautifully Restored Steinway Pianos

“The” Grand PianoSteinway & Sons Piano

Some brand names are legendary.

When people think of a classic grand piano, the name that comes to mind is Steinway & Sons – with good reason. For over 150 years the craftsmanship and elegance of a Steinway has made it the preferred instrument of famous and accomplished musicians. More than 90 percent of today’s concert pianists choose to perform on Steinway pianos.


Steinway & Sons is rich in the tradition of craftsmanship. Production of the world’s finest pianos is a time-honored process of selecting and properly curing the wood for the rims, top, soundboards and actions to ensure they stabilize at a specific moisture content. Rims constructed with layers of hard rock maple and cast-iron plates are designed to withstand the tremendous tension exerted by the strings.

Quality Takes Time

It takes nearly a year to create a Steinway grand piano. Each instrument is woven together from over 12,000 individual parts into one glorious system. Nothing is mass produced; nothing is synthetic. Each key is balanced and adjusted, each hammer is hardened or softened until the result is the rich, full Steinway sound.

Your Steinway

The joy of owning and playing such an amazing instrument is not restricted to the world of professional performers. Anyone who loves music and appreciates such artistry and good quality can put their hands to the keyboard of Steinway piano.

Properly restored, these exquisite instruments only grow more valued with time and become an integral part of your life and home.

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