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Your South Bend Area Kawai Piano Dealer

Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer of the complete award winning line of Kawai pianos.

Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai and his associates, the company has grown to become one of the leading piano manufacturers in the world. Koichi Kawai was the first person in Japan to design and build a complete piano action and cemented himself early as a leader in piano design and manufacturing. They are well known and respected for their innovative ABS action system, beautiful high-polished polyester and hand-rubbed satin finishes, and their openness to new technologies and techniques. Their instruments produce the beautiful, full, concert quality tone that has led them to become the instrument of choice for many pianists world wide.

Uncompromising Kawai Family Quality:

The Kawai Company’s pioneering advancement is built on a long term commitment to quality and tradition. Their Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory continues to expand the boundaries of the art of the piano.

Chupp’s Piano service is proud to be an authorized Kawai Dealer through the Kawai America Corporation. We have much of the Kawai line of acoustic grands, uprights, digital pianos and hybrid pianos already in our inventory. And can furnish your home with any Kawai piano, whether we currently have it in inventory or not.

Kawai pianos are well respected for their innovative ABS action system, stunning high-polished polyester and hand-rubbed satin finishes and their incredible, full concert quality sound that makes these pianos the instruments of choice for many pianists the world over.

If a Kawai piano that we do not currently have in inventory appeals to you, we can have that particular model available at either our Goshen, Indiana showroom or our New Paris, Indiana rebuilding facility locations in around a week.

No matter what type of piano you desire or what setting it might be placed in, we can find the instrument for you that suits your needs.

Kawai continues to fulfill its calling as “the future of the piano.”

A never ending quest for perfection sparked by the skills and dreams of one man, magnified by the vision and passion of his son, and advanced by the steadfast determination of his grandson. It is an illustrious heritage that finds its greatest fulfillment not in size and scope, but in quality and heart.

– For more information on Kawai instruments, Contact Us or visit Kawai USA’s website –

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