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Looking for a Durable, Finely Crafted Piano? Buy a Yamaha

Yamaha pianoYamaha has been creating some of the world’s best loved pianos for more than a century. The company manufactures world class acoustic, digital, and hybrid pianos that are found in entertainment venues, schools and universities, and concert halls around the globe.

Yamaha’s craftsmanship and design result in one of the best pianos available today. The Yamaha piano manufacturing process includes time-tested techniques that create an instrument that appeals to the eyes, ears, and hands of those playing or hearing the pianos.

What Makes a Yamaha Piano Unique?

Yamaha manufactures every component used to make its pianos in factory. All 5500 parts that go into acoustic piano craftsmanship are created by highly skilled Yamaha piano technicians using years of experience and specialized techniques. This results in pianos capable of action that is precise and able to withstand many years of use. The action mechanisms in a Yamaha piano resist continuous impact and exposure to humidity and temperature changes.

Yamaha utilizes a proprietary technology for drying and gluing the wood used in its acoustic pianos. The company continues to incorporate feedback from Yamaha pianists and musical experts to improve on an already reliable and sturdy design.

The Yamaha soundboard is also an important part of creating an exemplary instrument. Every step of the way – from selecting and drying raw wood to gluing the panels of the piano – is done with extreme care and methods that are proven successful. Yamaha understands the significance of a piano soundboard. The drying method ensures soundboards produce the highest quality sound and are resistant to warping and twisting.

Yamaha piano frames are also produced in house and are made through either traditional sand casting or vacuum process casting. Yamaha was one of the first manufacturers in the world to utilize Vacuum Shield Mold Process, an advanced technology in the production of pianos. Frames are durable, capable of supporting massive string tension during concern, and able to resist changes in humidity and temperature.

A Yamaha piano is a finely crafted instrument right from the showroom floor and continues to meet the highest of expectations throughout the life of the piano

Some of the world’s best loved pianists choose Yamaha, including:

  • Japanese composer/pianist Hiromi
  • Jazz pianist Chick Corea
  • Internationally renowned pianist Bryon Janis

Yamaha piano prices vary a great deal and there are many different types of Yamaha pianos. Let Chupp’s Pianos help you choose the right one for you.


Yamaha Pianos For Sale

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