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Inventory Update: Premium Used Upright Pianos

Quality Used Upright Pianos Available 

Find The Piano For You in our Fall Selection!

The new school year is in full swing and many are starting back into music lessons as well. Now is the perfect time to consider the purchase of that upright piano you have been thinking about! We have assembled a selection of high quality, used upright pianos that run the gambit of budgets and tastes. Sitting alongside our selection of new upright pianos, these used instruments are all in excellent condition and come with a Three Year Warranty and free local ground floor delivery! Read More
Restored Steinway Model D Concert Grand Pianos - Chupp's Piano Service, Specializing in Restored Steinways

Why Buy A Restored Steinway Piano?

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Restored Steinway Grand Piano

Question: “I have read a lot about vintage Steinways vs. new. Why should I consider purchasing a restored Steinway over a new one?"

Here at Chupp’s Pianos, we often receive questions related to the differences between new and restored Steinway & Sons Pianos. After talking to our clients about the benefits and drawbacks of each type of piano, these conversations often lead up to the ultimate question: “Should I buy a new Steinway, or a vintage restored Steinway piano?” At the end of the day, we often find that finding a second home to a restored piano is the best way to go. Restored pianos are excellent musical investments that are often superior to brand new pianos. The workmanship during the 'golden era' of piano manufacturing was truly standard setting. Below you’ll find the top 3 reasons considering a restored Steinway & Sons piano might be in your best interest over a new one.

Read More
Steinway Model D Grand Pianos - Chupp's Piano Service

Music Director Selects Steinway Model D from Chupp’s Pianos

Stephen Baker of Bethany Lutheran Church Selects Steinway Concert Grand

Recently Chupp's Piano Service provided Bethany Lutheran Church of Spencer, Iowa with a pre-owned Steinway Model D 9' Concert Grand Piano. Music Director Stephen Baker was kind enough to send in the following testimonial.
I searched all over the Midwest looking for a used concert grand for our church, and after playing dozens of pianos in Minneapolis, Iowa, and Michigan, I didn't find a better piano or a better value than at Chupp's in Indiana.   When the piano arrived, the word spread throughout town and people were so excited that a couple dozen people showed up just to watch the piano get unloaded and installed in the sanctuary. People who had never seen a 9' Steinway were actually moved to tears at just the sight of it! Read More
Baldwin Model M Grand Piano Interior - Ruthmere Museum, Elkhart, Indiana

Letter to the Editor: Reader Appreciates Rebuilt Baldwin Piano

Joyce Brown of Edwardsburg, Michigan sent in this very nice letter to the editor to The Elkhart Truth about the historic Baldwin Model M Grand Piano we rebuilt and presented at the Ruthmere Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. The piano was originally built in 1938 at the Cincinnati Baldwin piano factory and was the personal piano of the Deputy family, the last residents of the Ruthmere Museum. This instrument was donated to be placed in the museum by the Deputy family and was fully rebuilt by the team here at Chupp's Piano Service.
An outstanding musical gift to our community was presented at the Ruthmere Museum Friday night April 1. The event welcomed back a totally restored 1938 Baldwin Baby Grand piano, generously funded by the original owners, the Deputy family. Read More
Kawai Player Piano - QRS PNOmation3 - Player Piano Installation by Chupp's Pianos

VIDEO: QRS PNOmation Player Piano System Demo

Historic Roots | The Newest Technlogy

During the early part of the 20th century, player pianos were incredibly popular. Today, new technology has replaced the old paper music rolls and allows for an incredibly detailed musical experience that is truly impressive. QRS Music Technologies Inc. was founded in 1900 by Melville Clark (of Story and Clark piano fame.) Today, they produce the PNOmation Player Piano System. This amazing piece of technology can be installed on almost all existing pianos, grand or upright. Gone are the days of large, unsightly control boxes and having to keep track of tapes and data disks! This advanced, modern system virtually disappears into the piano. Chupp's is proud to be able to offer their latest PNOmation III Player Piano System to our clients. Read More
Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano - Fully Restored - For Sale - Specializing in Restored Steinways - Chupp's Piano Service

A Rare Opportunity | 4 Restored Steinway Model D Grand Pianos

UPDATE: Several of these grand pianos have now been sold. #275187 and #233201 are still available. 

The Steinway & Sons Model D is perhaps the most iconic concert instrument in world history. These 9’ grand pianos truly are the apex of Steinway engineering and craftsmanship.  The Model D offers artists a level of expression unlike any other and has come to set the standard by which other concert pianos are judged. It is very rare to find one, let alone several fully rebuilt Model Ds available to compare in any location. Here at Chupp’s Piano Service we are proud to have four fully rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Pianos in performance ready status in our facility, with more in the process of being rebuilt. Each of these wonderful instruments feature their own distinct musical quality. Read More
Solungga Liu Concert Pianist | Chupps Piano Service

“A Magnificent Instrument” Solungga Liu’s Restored Steinway B

Concert Pianist and Professor on her Rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model B

Chupp's Piano Service is proud to provide many professional pianists with premium restored Steinway & Sons pianos. Accomplished Concert Pianist and Professor Solungga Liu purchased a rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano from us. She was kind enough to give us the following testimonial. Read More
Steinway Model A1 Plate Logo and Patents | Restored by Chupp's Piano Service

Prof. Catherine Walker on her Chupp’s Steinway Model B

University of Michigan Professor Purchases Restored Steinway

Chupp's Piano Service has provided many professional pianists and artists with premium restored Steinway instruments. Recently we provided a restored Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano to Catherine Walker in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is what she had to say: Dear Dennis, When I decided to begin the process of "active replacement" for my personal piano, I knew that there was only one call I needed to make.  My experience with Chupp's Pianos, while purchasing pianos for my school some years ago,  was stellar and inspired complete confidence in my decision to return to your company. My hope was to upgrade to a more professional instrument but the acquisition of a Steinway seemed like a an unrealistic fantasy.  That being said, here I sit with a gorgeous Steinway B in my home.  I am still overwhelmed by this gorgeous piano and I still feel like I must be dreaming. This was only possible with your help and guidance. Read More

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