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Should I buy an Upright or Grand Piano?

Which style of piano is right for you?

Upright vs. Grand piano, that is the question. Or at least one question that we hear often. Buying an instrument, especially one as large as a piano is a decision that shouldn’t be made in a snap. And deciding which style of piano to go with is one of the first steps in choosing the instrument that is right for you and your lifestyle. The last thing you want is to run out and buy an instrument that simply will not work with what you need and where you live. So here are a few things to look at when deciding which direction to go.…

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Steinway Model D Fallboard Logo and Piano Keys

Piano Care: Cleaning your Piano Keys

Cleaning your Piano Keys:

There are 88 piano keys on a standard grand piano. Each one of those keys are covered by a piece of plastic or ivory called a keytop. Although some notes may get more of a workout then others, they all can use a good cleaning now and than. But what is the best way to remove the dirt, grime and oil that can accumulate? The first thing you will need to do is determine what material your piano keys are made out of. Due to the ban on the use of newly harvested ivory, the vast majority of pianos played and manufactured today have some type of plastic or high quality simulated ivory keytop. Although the feel of ivory is not always fully duplicated, they are usually more durable and easier to clean. If your keytops are plastic, use a clean white cloth with a bit of mild soap or key cleaner to remove the grime. After applying the cleaning solution to the cloth itself, wipe the keys down with a back to front motion, not side to side. Clean a few keys at a time and then dry with another cloth. Be careful not to use a colored cloth as the color could bleed onto the keys. Be sure to also take care to not get the cleaning solution on the wooden piano keys themselves. The wood can absorb the moisture, causing swelling or separation. Read More

Is My Piano Worth Restoring?

Does Your Piano Need Work? | Three Things to Check

"Should I get my piano worked on? It sounds OK as it is I guess. Is my piano worth the work?"

Steinway Restoration Piano Tools | TunerThese are questions technicians often hear from piano owners. Why spend the money and time to get your instrument worked on if nothing is terribly 'broken?' In some cases that is true. When attempting to decide whether it is worth the investment, we ask:
  • What is the brand name? (A lower quality brand usually isn't worth the work.)
  • What is the type? (An upright restoration isn't as likely to be cost effective as a grand.)
  • How old is it? (A 110 year old piano is probably going to need more work than one 10 years off the line. The brand and size of the piano dictate whether it is cost effective or not.)
These are a few of the first things to confirm. As a rule however, basic maintenance and checkups can allow for greater enjoyment of your instrument and can possibly save you money over the long run. Here is a list of three things to have looked at before restoring your piano:

1: The Tuning

This is one of the basics, although it is surprising how often it is ignored. A piano that is out of tune is obviously not at its full potential. You may get used to an out-of-tune sound, however you will not be getting the best your instrument can offer. A regular tuning is essential to keep your instrument in good working order and sounding like it should. The pins in the pinblock can also become loose, preventing the piano from being in tune. Here at Chupp's we recommend tuning your home piano twice every year, although this could change, depending on the environment. A concert piano should have a 'touch up' by a trained concert tuner before every performance. A regular tuning can indicate how much care the piano has received - as a qualified technician can examine the instrument when he visits it to tune.

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Gaither Vocal Band |Yamaha Tuning by Chupps Pianos

Chupp’s Tunes Yamaha Piano for Gaither Vocal Band

Gaither Vocal Band uses Yamaha Concert Grand tuned by Chupp’s Pianos.

The Gaither Vocal Band was founded in the early 1980’s. They have become legendary and are well known for reviving the popularity of Southern Gospel Music. Their music has won multiple Grammy Awards and has rocketed to the top of the charts. The band recently performed live at the Blue Gate Theatre in Shipshewana, Indiana and Chupp’s Pianos owner and master technician Dennis Chupp was called out to make sure their 7’6” Yamaha Model C7 Concert Grand Piano was ready for the concert.…

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