Model B

Steinway & Sons Model B Music Room Grand Piano #231416 - Fully Restored, Golden Age Steinway Model B Piano

The Steinway Model B – “The Perfect Piano”

About the Steinway Model B Grand Piano

The First Model B Grands | 85 Notes

The Steinway & Sons Model B is considered by many to be a perfect balance of size and power making it a very versatile instrument. Measuring 6'11" in length, 58" in width and weighing well over 700 pounds these pianos are much larger than a Steinway Model S, M, or L. (And a bit larger than the somewhat comparable Model A-II.) The Model B 'Music Room Grand' was introduced in 1878 as a replacement for the piano that Steinway called the Monitor Grand. This instrument is considered to be the first modern piano ever built by Steinway. (The first several Model B pianos were built in the style of these Monitor Grands.) These early Model B Grands featured an 85 note keyboard and were offered in various art case cabinet styles. A capo d'astro bar was utilized in place of agraffes for notes 52 to 85. In 1891 #73212 the first Model B with an 88 note keyboard was introduced and in 1897 the Steinway factory in Hamburg, Germany began production of the Model B. Read More
Steinway Model A1 Plate Logo and Patents | Restored by Chupp's Piano Service

Prof. Catherine Walker on her Chupp’s Steinway Model B

University of Michigan Professor Purchases Restored Steinway

Chupp's Piano Service has provided many professional pianists and artists with premium restored Steinway instruments. Recently we provided a restored Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano to Catherine Walker in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is what she had to say: Dear Dennis, When I decided to begin the process of "active replacement" for my personal piano, I knew that there was only one call I needed to make.  My experience with Chupp's Pianos, while purchasing pianos for my school some years ago,  was stellar and inspired complete confidence in my decision to return to your company. My hope was to upgrade to a more professional instrument but the acquisition of a Steinway seemed like a an unrealistic fantasy.  That being said, here I sit with a gorgeous Steinway B in my home.  I am still overwhelmed by this gorgeous piano and I still feel like I must be dreaming. This was only possible with your help and guidance. Read More

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