The Evolution of Musical Tools | From 4-Tracks to Music Streaming

Hear The Difference | Through the Years with Music Technology

The way we create and listen to music has changed dramatically over the years. Since the 1960s, advancement in music technology has seemed to escalate at an ever quickening pace. In decades past 4-track tape machines were the norm. Today, tablets and computers allow us to create, listen and interact with music in ever changing ways. Take a look at the handy info-graphic below for more about the fascinating evolution of music technology. Read More
The Great Piano Scam | The Joyce Hatto Story

The Great Piano Scam | The Story of Joyce Hatto

This short documentary tells the story of one of the greatest classical music scams in the music industry’s history. Joyce Hatto was a concert pianist, who gained critical acclaim late in her life as dozens of her recordings drew rave reviews. Critics and the public were enamored by the story of the long retired pianist making her return while battling cancer. But were these her recordings? This is the story of the piano scam that fooled an industry.…

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