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Kawai Player Piano - QRS PNOmation3 - Player Piano Installation by Chupp's Pianos

VIDEO: QRS PNOmation Player Piano System Demo

Historic Roots | The Newest Technlogy

During the early part of the 20th century, player pianos were incredibly popular. Today, new technology has replaced the old paper music rolls and allows for an incredibly detailed musical experience that is truly impressive. QRS Music Technologies Inc. was founded in 1900 by Melville Clark (of Story and Clark piano fame.) Today, they produce the PNOmation Player Piano System. This amazing piece of technology can be installed on almost all existing pianos, grand or upright. Gone are the days of large, unsightly control boxes and having to keep track of tapes and data disks! This advanced, modern system virtually disappears into the piano. Chupp's is proud to be able to offer their latest PNOmation III Player Piano System to our clients. Read More

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