Selling your Piano

Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Piano Yourself

Some quick tips for selling your piano:

We have many people contacting us asking if we are interested in purchasing their piano from them. In many cases, we are! If it is a Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Yamaha or other brand of comparable quality, we would be very interested in taking a look. We regularly purchase pianos from across the country in varying states of condition. However with the hundreds of piano manufacturers that have existed throughout history, there are some cases where you are best attempting to sell the piano directly yourself. Here are some quick tips that might help you in that process! 1: Prep the Piano and take good photos! Have your piano tuned! Dust the piano and make sure it is looking its best. Remove anything you have sitting on your piano that will distract from the instrument. Having several family pictures sitting on the instrument might not be best for sales! Make sure there is enough light to show the piano off in an attractive way. Blurry and dark photographs don't give the best impression, so make sure to take a bit of extra care before posting/sending photos of your for sale piano. Read More

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