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Kawai Holiday Sales Event - Chupp's Piano Service

2019 Kawai Holiday Sale Event – Zero & Low Interest Payment Plans!

Ring In The Holidays With a New Kawai Piano

 As an authorized Kawai Piano Dealer, Chupp’s Piano Service is pleased to offer Kawai’s Holiday Sale Event financing. Both 0% interest and low-interest plans are available on select models of Kawai Grand, Upright and Digital pianos. Now is the perfect time to bring a piano into your home.

Contact us today for more information via email or phone @ 574.831.5820

NOTICE: This offer ENDS on December 31, 2019 – don’t delay!

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A ‘New’ Piano for the New Year – Used Upright Pianos for Sale

Pre-Owned Upright Pianos for Sale | Refurbished Pianos

2019 is underway! Whether your New Year's resolution has anything to do with music or not, we just might have the piano that is right for you. Along with our selection of rebuilt/restored grand pianos and new Kawai upright, grand and digital instruments, we also have a fine selection of pre-owned instruments at astounding prices. Here are just a few of them! Read More

Inventory Update: Premium Used Upright Pianos

Quality Used Upright Pianos Available 

Find The Piano For You in our Fall Selection!

The new school year is in full swing and many are starting back into music lessons as well. Now is the perfect time to consider the purchase of that upright piano you have been thinking about! We have assembled a selection of high quality, used upright pianos that run the gambit of budgets and tastes. Sitting alongside our selection of new upright pianos, these used instruments are all in excellent condition and come with a Three Year Warranty and free local ground floor delivery! Read More

There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Old Upright Piano (Most of the Time)

Why A ‘Free’ Upright Piano Is Not Always Free

“Free piano! Plays great! *just needs tuned. You move. Bring lots of friends, this thing is heavy...”
Ads similar to this example, fill newspapers and local Craigslist listings all over the country. At first, this can sound like a deal of a lifetime. “A free vintage piano and all I need to do is pick it up and have tuned!” Unfortunately, these apparent deals can quickly turn into money pits that leave you with a lackluster, barely functioning instrument that cannot be improved without an inordinate amount of time and money. There are a few reasons that these pianos are often left in homes when they are sold and you can find free pianos abound on the internet. Below we will go over a the top reasons you should think twice before undertaking the inconvenience of acquiring a free/cheap piano.

1: Moving Cost

There are a number of hidden costs that might not be apparent when it comes to a free or cheap one-hundred-year-old upright or even a grand. The first is moving. Old, full-size upright pianos can weigh nearly 700 lbs. and are harder to move than a grand. Awkward in size and weight, these instruments require a qualified piano moving team to safely remove, transport and set up the piano at its new home. Asking a couple of buddies to help you move it will not suffice, and likely will cause more damage to the piano and potential injury to those attempting to move it. Read More
Steinway Model A Grand Piano - Vintage Steinway Piano

Should I buy an Upright or Grand Piano?

Which style of piano is right for you?

Upright vs. Grand piano, that is the question. Or at least one question that we hear often. Buying an instrument, especially one as large as a piano is a decision that shouldn’t be made in a snap. And deciding which style of piano to go with is one of the first steps in choosing the instrument that is right for you and your lifestyle. The last thing you want is to run out and buy an instrument that simply will not work with what you need and where you live. So here are a few things to look at when deciding which direction to go.…

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