VIDEO: “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked on Steinway M #227953

"Wicked" Piano Cover on Steinway M #227953

Piano Technician/Pianist Philip Balke performs 'I'm Not That Girl' from the beloved Broadway musical, 'Wicked'. Written by Stephen Schwartz, originally recorded by Idina Menzel (original song) and Kristin Chenoweth (reprise). Performed on restored Steinway & Sons Model M Grand Piano #227953. Recorded at the Chupp's Piano Showroom in Goshen, Indiana, video production by Benjamin Rogers.
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Video: Restored Art Case Steinway Grand Pianos – Oak, Rosewood & More

Vintage Art Case Grand Pianos - Video Demos

The piano has long been a striking combination between its function as a musical instrument and as a piece of visual art. This was especially true during the early 'golden era' of the piano manufacturing industry. Steinway & Sons was among the many companies battling for supremacy during these competitive years. Experienced craftsmen combined with easy access to the finest woods and other materials resulted in some of the finest playing - and looking pianos ever crafted. Although today's new Steinways are rarely seen outside of their 'traditional' more modern design, expert restoration work allows musicians and appreciators of fine art the chance to experience the characteristics that have made vintage art case pianos so treasured. Below are several videos we have produced highlighting the work of the craftsmen and technicians here at Chupp's Piano Service, Inc.

Steinway & Sons Model A-3 Grand Piano #188826 - Quarter Sawn Oak, Sketch 380 Cabinet.

Covered in a beautiful Quarter Sawn Oak veneer, this rare Steinway was built in 1917. Fully rebuilt by us this piano features a new solid spruce soundboard, new hard rock maple pinblock, a fully rebuilt action and much more. Quarter Sawn Oak was rarely utilized on Steinway grand pianos. This instrument is currently featured at our Goshen, IN. Piano Showroom alongside a number of other 'Crown Jewel' style grand pianos. Read More
The Great Piano Scam | The Joyce Hatto Story

The Great Piano Scam | The Story of Joyce Hatto

This short documentary tells the story of one of the greatest classical music scams in the music industry’s history. Joyce Hatto was a concert pianist, who gained critical acclaim late in her life as dozens of her recordings drew rave reviews. Critics and the public were enamored by the story of the long retired pianist making her return while battling cancer. But were these her recordings? This is the story of the piano scam that fooled an industry.…

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June Piano Video Roundup | Chupp’s Pianos

6.29.15 | Piano Video Roundup

As the month of June comes to a close, here are some of the month’s piano video highlights via YouTube.

Philip Balke performs ‘Moonglow’ on one of our Steinway Model M Grand Pianos. Built in 1986 this Walnut piano features warm bass and a clear overall tone.…

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