SOLD: 1959 Steinway Model #45 Upright Vertical Piano | Satin Ebony – Restored

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1959 Steinway & Sons Model #45 Vertical Piano | Satin Ebony #365219

Measuring 45″ in height, the Steinway Model #45 was introduced as a mid-sized addition to Steinway & Sons’ line of vertical instruments. Of professional quality, these instruments were a welcome sight in both homes and professional practice venues throughout the world. We are pleased to offer Steinway & Sons Upright Model #45, Serial #365219 for sale in our Piano Rebuilding Facility and Showroom.

Hammer Heads - Steinway & Sons Model #45 Upright Piano #355219 - Chupp's Piano Service, New Paris, Indiana

Steinway Hammer Heads

This particular piano was originally crafted at the New York Steinway Factory in 1959 and has been expertly maintained throughout its life since its original purchase. Upon our full inspection of the instrument, we were pleasantly surprised to find it to be in excellent condition and more than suitable for restoration for our piano showroom. The action features Accelerated Action mountings and has had new action parts installed including New York Steinway hammers, new hammer butts, new backchecks, new key tabs, and new key bushings. The original hard maple pinblock grips the tuning pins tightly for a stable tune. The original solid spruce Diaphragmatic soundboard is tight against the supporting ribs and is in exceedingly good condition. The soundboard is free from any cracks or pressure ridges! The piano’s cabinet has been expertly refinished by our piano refinishing team in a rich, ebony lacquer. Hand rubbed to a satin sheen, the piano looks as good or better than when it came out of the New York Steinway Factory! The original brass hardware has been expertly polished and restored and contrasts beautifully against the dark cabinet finish.

Our expert piano technicians have carefully regulated, voiced, and tuned this piano to ensure a confident, responsive touch and a full, Steinway quality tone. Steinway & Sons as a company are primarily known for their grand pianos and although not exactly rare, vintage Steinway uprights are not as commonly found offered for sale – especially in this excellent condition. We are pleased to offer this fine, vintage Steinway upright piano for your consideration. Looking for a piece of musical enjoyment? The Chupp’s Piano Service Piano Showroom features this and many other quality pre-owned, refurbished pianos for you to select from. As piano restoration experts, great care is taken to ensure that each piano that enters and leaves our facilities receives the in-depth care and attention they deserve. [Contact us today for more information.]

“Strive always to improve the instrument.” – Henry E. Steinway, Founder of Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons Vintage Upright/Vertical Pianos for SaleChupp’s Piano Service, Inc. | Vintage Piano Expertise Since 1975

With over forty years of experience, Chupp’s Piano Service specializes in the art of piano restoration and repair. Founded in 1975 by Master Piano Technician Dennis Chupp, our business has grown to become one of the leading piano restoration firms and sources for vintage pianos in the United States. Our Rebuilding Facility and Piano Showroom in New Paris, Indiana offers an uncommonly wide selection of fully restored Steinway & Sons, brand new Kawai, vintage Mason & Hamlin, and pre-owned Yamaha pianos for you to play and select from. Restoring pianos is our passion and we believe the quality of our work, sings for itself. We are more than happy to open up both of our facilities for private selection appointments to allow you to select the piano that is the right fit for you.

Don’t live near our showroom? Don’t worry! We regularly partner with the best piano movers in the industry to ship our pianos across the continent and around the world. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc | Since 1975 | Piano Restoration & Rebuilding | Vintage Steinway & Sons Piano Sales & Service

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