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The new school year is in full swing and many are starting back into music lessons as well. Now is the perfect time to consider the purchase of that upright piano you have been thinking about! We have assembled a selection of high quality, used upright pianos that run the gambit of budgets and tastes. Sitting alongside our selection of new upright pianos, these used instruments are all in excellent condition and come with a Three Year Warranty and free local ground floor delivery! Read More
Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak - Fully Restored Crown Jewel Grand Piano

Featured Piano: 1917 Steinway Model A3 ‘Stretch A’ Grand Piano

Fully Rebuilt Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Very Rare Quarter Sawn Oak

The golden era of piano manufacturing saw high quality and continued innovation become the standard within the industry. Over 300 piano manufacturers in the United States alone competed to craft the best pianos possible. One of the most unique and well designed instruments during this period was the Steinway Model A-3 Grand Piano. These 6' 4 1/2" grand pianos are some of the finest pianos ever produced by the Steinway & Sons Company. Steinway Model A3 #188826 was built in 1917, during the peak of the company's golden era. This particular instrument is special not just for its amazingly well crafted scale design but for its rare cabinet woodwork as well. This piano features a very rare and unique quarter sawn oak cabinet. Used extensively in the past it is more labor intensive and expensive to produced. It is quite rare to find Steinway grand pianos with this desirable grain pattern.

A Rare Favorite

The Steinway Model A-3 has long been a favorite scale design of piano technicians and professional musicians. Discontinued in 1945 due to the competition it created for the larger and pricier Steinway Model B, the Model A-3 is a rare instrument well deserving of the respect it receives. The Model A-3 has become one of our favorite Steinway scale designs and we are proud to feature several of these vintage instruments in our facilities today. Read More
Steinway Model M Grand Piano | Restored Steinways for Sale

Featured Piano: 1927 Steinway Model M ‘Baby Grand’ Piano

Fully Rebuilt Steinway Model M | Fine Restored Pianos for Sale

The pre-WWII era of piano manufacturing saw the growing American industry reach its height in both size and quality. This golden age of piano manufacturing saw incredible quality and innovation become the standard as hundreds of makers competed for the hearts (and wallets) of a piano loving public. Into this era of craftsmanship Steinway Model M #250775 was born. Built in 1927 at the New York Steinway & Sons factory, this 5'7" instrument features an overstrung scale designed by Henry Ziegler. Scaled down from the larger Model O, this instrument was originally designed to give the public a smaller option in Steinway's lineup of grand pianos. Until the introduction of the 5'1" Model S, the Model M was the smallest grand piano that Steinway produced. Read More

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