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Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626 - Brazilian Rosewood - Victorian Art Case Steinway Grand

History of Art Case Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626

Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626 | A Beautiful Past For A Beautiful Piano

There’s an old saying, “If these walls could talk, they’d tell you a story or two.” A concert grand piano from Steinway & Sons will last for generations and over time they accumulate a rich and beautiful history. As one of the greatest piano manufacturers in the world, Steinway pianos are used in venues and by musicians across the globe. Over time, these pianos will see their fair share of usage, and pass through many hands. At Chupp’s Piano Service, we specialize in restoring these beautiful pianos back to playing perfection, and today, we want to shine a little spotlight on a beautiful piano that we are proud to feature - Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626.

The Origin of the Modern Concert Grand

In 1884, a major step forward occurred in the development of the mature concert grand piano- the Model D. The then new Model D was designed and created by incredibly talented craftsman C.F. Theodore Steinway. This new design was the first Steinway Grand to feature a double cupola plate. It featured a 20 note bass section, was overstrung, had a continuous soundboard bridge, and a bent rim case construction. These pianos featured agraffes from notes 1-35 and a capo d’astro bar from notes 36-88. Measuring 8’10” in length with 7 ¼ octaves, these pianos are an essential piece of the piano development puzzle.

“Style D has an entirely new interior construction with double cupola steel frame and continuous ring bridge. The improvement in power and sonority of tone is simply marvelous.” – William Steinway, September 1, 1884.

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Steinway Artist John Mortensen of Cedarville University Selects Instruments from Chupp’s Pianos

Dr. Mortensen on his experience with Chupp's Piano ServiceDr. John Mortensen, Steinway Artist | Chupp's Piano Service, Inc.

Chupp's Piano Service regularly gets the opportunity to work with top University music programs and faculty. We recently completed delivery of several premium, fully restored Steinway Grand Pianos to Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. This included a rare Steinway Model C, a Steinway Model L and a concert level Steinway Model D Grand Piano for the University's performance hall. [Which appropriately enough, features a soundboard made of unique Western Red Cedar.]

Dr. John Mortensen oversees the over 60 pianos utilized by the music department. An incredibly accomplished pianist, academic and overall musician, Dr. Mortensen is also an official International Steinway Artist. His writings appear in International Piano, Clavier, College Music Symposium, Piano Pedagogy Forum, and American Music Teacher. He was kind enough to write the following testimonial about his experience working with us to secure top quality instruments for the university.

The Steinway is the finest piano in the world, deserving not only elite artists to play it but also elite technicians to care for it. Dennis Chupp is just such a craftsman. A Master Technician trained at the Steinway Factory in New York, he received personal coaching from former Steinway head Service Technician Fred Drasche and has collaborated with the nation's leaders in the field of piano technology. His company, Chupp's Piano Service, specializes in re-manufacturing and repair of vintage pianos, bringing glorious new life to instruments which had fallen silent through the ravages of age, damage and neglect.
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Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano - Fully Restored - For Sale - Specializing in Restored Steinways - Chupp's Piano Service

A Rare Opportunity | 4 Restored Steinway Model D Grand Pianos

UPDATE: Several of these grand pianos have now been sold. #275187 and #233201 are still available. 

The Steinway & Sons Model D is perhaps the most iconic concert instrument in world history. These 9’ grand pianos truly are the apex of Steinway engineering and craftsmanship.  The Model D offers artists a level of expression unlike any other and has come to set the standard by which other concert pianos are judged. It is very rare to find one, let alone several fully rebuilt Model Ds available to compare in any location. Here at Chupp’s Piano Service we are proud to have four fully rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Pianos in performance ready status in our facility, with more in the process of being rebuilt. Each of these wonderful instruments feature their own distinct musical quality. Read More

The Steinway Model D | The King of Instruments

The Steinway Model D Benchmark

The World's Standard For Concert Grand Pianos Steinway & Son Model D Keys

The Steinway & Sons Model D grand piano is one which signifies an instrument's grace, power, and delicacy unlike any other. Measuring at 8'11 3/4" in length, the Model D towers above regular grand pianos, which are usually around 5’6” to 6’ long. Truly the pinnacle of Steinway's historic dedication to innovation and top shelf craftsmanship, the thousand pound Model D-274 truly is the standard by which other concert pianos are judged against. Decades of craftsmanship and development, signified and represented by one instrument it has long been considered the first choice of concert pianists. Read More
Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano - Fully Restored 1929

A Unique Steinway Model D Grand Piano

Model D #269017 | A Unique Steinway Piano

In the early 1980s, I had a long conversation with Fred Drasche the former head service technician at Steinway. As we discussed the history of Steinway and their instruments, he told me that around 1950, Steinway produced two Model D grand pianos with Western Red Cedar soundboards. The red cedar was used in place of the regular spruce soundboards. His words were "those were two of the best sounding Steinway Ds I ever heard." For many years, we here at Chupp's Pianos wanted to install a western red cedar soundboard. This goal was something which we were finally able to accomplish recently! Out of five pianos in which we installed western red cedar soundboards, Steinway Model D #269017 is the most powerful of them all.  Some of the finest acoustic guitars incorporate western red cedar tops to obtain optimal tonal quality so utilizing this material in musical instruments is not uncommon. Attached is a link to more information about the piano and photos are embedded below. Read More

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