SOLD: 1929 Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano | Ebony – Restored

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Fully Restored Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano #269017 | Satin Ebony  – 1929

This exquisite Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano was built in 1929, at the very height of Steinway factory quality. This vintage ‘golden age’ concert instrument has been expertly restored by us and is a unique and prestigious concert ready instrument. The Model D is truly the apex of Steinway magic. These 9′ instruments are impressive in both their imposing sound and shockingly wide range of tone. The Steinway Model D is a standard-setting instrument and is what other concert pianos around the world are judged against. After playing one of these instruments, you will understand why over 90% of concert pianists play on Steinways!

This Steinway Model D has undergone an extensive and exacting restoration process to return this instrument to its former glory. This fully rebuilt piano features a beautiful, satin ebony, hand rubbed lacquer finish. The key tops have been replaced with premium Kluge German Style key tops. Featuring a new action with Pacific Gold Label hammers, this piano is one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring pianos we have ever rebuilt. The powerful sound of this piano is sure to fill every corner of even the most spacious of concert venues.

This piano has a unique feature, a soundboard made out of fine Red Cedar. Replacing the normal spruce soundboard with this chosen material results in a piano with an incredibly crisp and beautiful sound that fills the room. Fred Drasche, head service technician at Steinway for many years while talking with Dennis Chupp in the early 80s, told him that around 1950 the Steinway factory produced two Model D Concert Grands with western red cedar soundboards. This is a rare opportunity to experience what one of those amazing and unique instruments sounded like. The incredibly large soundboard area creates an almost mind-blowing power, yet one also delicate enough to compliment any pianists repertoire. A powerful and unique sound that when coupled with the specially built action, combines to create an iconic sound that is unforgettable.

Out of the seven basic sizes of Steinway pianos, the Model D is the largest. Providing the highest level of expression possible, these beautiful instruments have become the performance vehicle for thousands of professional pianists. The roaring bass and delicate, controllable treble on this piano has to be heard to fully appreciate. The 1920s are considered by many to be the peak of Steinway quality and sound.

Here at Chupp’s Piano Service, we have over 40 years of experience rebuilding, repairing and retailing Steinway & Sons pianos. Our carefully restored pianos grace the stages of concert venues the world over. We are confident that this piano will be a great fit for you and we are experienced in crafting these pianos to fit your specific playing preferences. Interested in learning more about our full rebuilding process? Contact us today with any questions you might have.

Full Restoration of this Steinway Model D Includes

  • New solid red cedar soundboard & bridge caps
  • New custom fitted hard maple  pinblock
  • New German music wire, tuning pins and highest quality custom made bass strings
  • New German Kluge-style synthetic key tops
  • New German Renner wippens
  • New select hammers, shanks and flanges
  • Re-bronzed cast iron plate
  • Refinished damper heads
  • New damper felts
  • Satin ebony closed pore, hand rubbed lacquer finish
  • Concert action regulation
  • Full expert tone regulation
  • Action weighed off to Steinway specifications, 52 grams down weight, 30 grams up weight and at 9-10 grams friction
  • New damper back action and much more

‘Golden age’ Steinway & Sons grand pianos are a testament to the high quality that was standard at the New York and Hamburg factories during the era. This dedication to innovation and high standards is what has made the Steinway name legendary. We continue that tradition of excellence here at Chupp’s Piano Service. We are a complete, full service piano business and have a wide selection of Steinway Model D grands and many other models currently in our showroom. This is an opportunity to purchase a golden age Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano for less than half the price of a new piano. Contact us today for a private appointment and play our many restored Steinway pianos for yourself!

“In the early 1980s, I had a long conversation with Fred Drasche the former head service technician at Steinway. He told me that around 1950, Steinway produced two Model D grand pianos with Western Red Cedar soundboards. His words were “those were two of the best sounding Steinway Ds I ever heard.” For many years, we wanted to install a western red cedar soundboard which we were able to do recently. Out of five pianos in which we installed western red cedar soundboards, #269017 is the most powerful of them all. Some of the finest acoustic guitars incorporate western red cedar tops to obtain optimal tonal quality. We had a concert pianist come and play this piano on 12.28.15 and he said that this piano was more than powerful enough to project throughout a 1500 seat hall.” – Dennis Chupp, President/Master Technician

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