SOLD: 1880 Steinway Square Grand Piano Style 1 (New) | Rosewood – Restored

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Steinway Style 1 (New) Square Grand Piano | Brazilian Rosewood – Restored

Square Grand Pianos are an important part of modern piano development. Square Grands were incredibly popular during the 18th and 19th centuries and a vast number of them were sold. Mechanically different than modern pianos of today, Square Grands helped to contribute a number of advancements that are still in use. By the time Steinway began production of their first pianos in 1853, the Square was one of, if not the most popular style on the market. These pianos were commonly found in living rooms around the world and provided countless hours of musical enjoyment.

The History of Steinway Square #41991

Steinway Square Grand Piano Figured Hand Carved Music Desk - Rosewood

Carved Music Desk | Steinway Square Grand

Steinway & Sons specialized in the construction of these ‘box grands’ during their early days in business. [The first Steinway & Sons piano produced for sale was a Square Grand.] They continued production of these pianos until ending manufacturing in 1890 due to the increasing popularity of what we consider to be the modern piano. Steinway Square Grand Style 1 (New) #41991 was sold to a Mrs. J.L. Mollenhauer in Brooklyn, New York on June 9th 1880. According to a personal letter from the late Henry Z. Steinway, what was considered ‘new’ was the jump to a 7 1/3rd [or 1/4th] octave design in place of a 7 octave one.

The piano’s heavily built cabinet is veneered in a figured Brazilian Rosewood which amazingly, was standard for the time. Steinway eventually ceased ‘regular’ production of Rosewood grand pianos in 1890 and moved them to special order only. One of the largest of Steinway’s square grands, this piano was manufactured during the waning years of this style of instrument. Therefore it is a good example of the peak of Square Grand Piano design. Steinway #41991 has been fully restored and refinished and is a wonderful piece of historic piano development.

The art case hand-carved cabinet is in typical Victorian styling and has been expertly refinished in a closed pore, hand rubbed semi-gloss lacquer. This time-intensive process has ensured that the rare Rosewood veneer’s beautiful grain comes alive. The curved serpentine legs and pedal lyre are heavily detailed. The original ivory keytops have been restored and are in immaculate condition. The piano’s soundboard has been restored and new strings installed. The unique action and damper mechanism has been fully restored.

Square Grands | Historic Instruments

Square Grand Pianos are very different both in appearance and in their function when compared to a mature/modern piano. The touch and mechanical function is far different and has a ‘vintage’ quality that is inherent to the piano’s design. The action is light and easy to the touch, yet less controllable than a modern piano action. Due to this, we recommend Square Grand Pianos as more of a conversation and historic display piece. That said, this particular restored piano is one of the better sounding and playing Steinway Square Grands that we have seen. This is due to its large size, relatively late original build date and the quality of the original and later rebuilding work. This piano was sold to a client in Georgia. Interested in a vintage art case grand piano? Contact us today for more information.

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With over forty years of experience, Chupp’s Pianos specializes in the full restoration and rebuilding of vintage Steinway & Sons pianos. Our premium restored Steinway and other vintage makes of instruments have become the preferred choice of many concert pianists, concert venues and universities across the country. You are invited to visit us and tour our rebuilding facility and play our rebuilt Steinways for yourself. We are also an authorized Kawai piano dealer. Our instruments are priced very reasonably and the quality of our work is of the utmost caliber. We are very flexible and can set up a private selection appointment to fit your schedule. Contact us today to set up a private appointment to play our pianos and tour our facilities for yourself. We are sure that the quality of our work speaks for itself! Email us or call our office at 574-831-5280. [Toll-free: 888-831-5820.]

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