1928 Hamburg Steinway Model B Grand Piano | Polished Ebony – Restored

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1928 Hamburg Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano #260287 – Ebony 

With a length of approx. 6’11” in length, the Steinway & Sons Model B has grown to become one of the world’s most famous musical instruments. Dubbed by some to be the ‘perfect piano’, these seven-foot instruments are often chosen by professional and amateur musicians as their personal practice instruments. It is not uncommon to see these pianos gracing concert stages as well! The length of these ‘parlor’ grand pianos offers them a wonderful balance between manageable size and concert-quality performance.  These instruments were first introduced in 1878, and production has been consistent at the New York and Hamburg factories since that date.

Steinway Model B #260287 was built in 1928 at the Steinway Factory in Hamburg, Germany. The piano’s cabinet boasts subtle reminders of its European heritage including round cabinet arms and a uniquely pointed music rack. The cabinet has been expertly refinished in an ebony high-gloss polyurethane finish that has been polished to a glass-like sheen. Solid brass hardware and a Hamburg-specific fallboard decal complete the exterior appearance. The backbone of the piano, the cast iron plate, has been expertly restored and re-bronzed. New premium music wire and custom copper wound bass strings are coiled to blued Klinke tuning pins. A new solid spruce soundboard and a new rock maple pinblock combine to ensure full tone and lasting stability. 

The piano’s action has been rebuilt with the finest quality parts. This includes new wippens and Hamburg-style Renner hammers and new shanks and flanges. New German Kluge keytops have been installed on the original keysticks. The original ebony sharps have been carefully sanded and polished for a consistent feel across the keyboard.

Our piano technicians have completed extensive action and tone regulation to bring out a responsive touch and the iconic, Hamburg Steinway tone. A new Renner damper back action has been installed and regulated while the natural wood damper heads have been refinished with new damper felts affixed. We take great pride in making sure that no detail goes unnoticed as we restored these historic pianos to their rightful concert-level status!

The Steinway Model B exists as many pianists dream piano – with it being produced in Hamburg as the icing on the cake. Although not impossible, finding a Hamburg Steinway of this quality and condition here in North America is not an easy task.  We invite you to get in touch with us and visit our facilities to experience this, and many other pianos in person. We continue to assist collectors, pianists, and institutions in the discovery of their dream pianos. If you desire the best in the quality of craftsmanship and tone, look no further than Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc.

“The Instrument of the Immortals” – Past Steinway Company Slogan

Continuing the Legacy of Golden Era Piano Craftsmanship

Throughout history, the piano has reigned as the king of musical instruments. Here at Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc., we are proud to carry on a tradition of exacting quality. We strive to exceed the industry norm, ensuring that each piano we work on represents the very finest level of touch and tone. Located in Elkhart County, Indiana we are conveniently located in the heartland of the United States.

As the Midwest’s leading supplier of premium grand pianos, we have a large selection of Steinway & Sons instruments for sale in both fully rebuilt and original condition. We also feature a selection of vintage Mason & Hamlin grand pianos and we are an authorized new Kawai piano dealer. Contact us today for more information and to set up a private selection appointment. [Toll-free: 1-888-831-5820.]

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