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VIDEO: “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked on Steinway M #227953

"Wicked" Piano Cover on Steinway M #227953

Piano Technician/Pianist Philip Balke performs 'I'm Not That Girl' from the beloved Broadway musical, 'Wicked'. Written by Stephen Schwartz, originally recorded by Idina Menzel (original song) and Kristin Chenoweth (reprise). Performed on restored Steinway & Sons Model M Grand Piano #227953. Recorded at the Chupp's Piano Showroom in Goshen, Indiana, video production by Benjamin Rogers.
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The Teflon Bushing Era - Steinway & Sons' Failed Experiment with Solid Bushings

Teflon Bushings – The Steinway & Sons “Teflon Era”

Teflon Bushings in Steinway Pianos– The Failed Experiment

If there was one quality that marked the early days of Steinway & Sons, it was the family company’s inherent desire to invent, tweak and improve the quality of their pianos. This led to famous innovations and improvements to grand piano design that continues to be standard a century later. Almost all of the company’s patents were filed during these first years. The study of the lineage of the modern grand piano is a fascinating one, filled with stories of both success and failure. The 'Teflon Era' will forever remain an infamous time for Steinway & Sons, but one that forced the industry to adapt around new ideas and parts.

Increased Competition – Attempted Innovation

During the early 1960s, work began on another project that company leadership hoped would again boost the company’s reputation as a world leading instrument. Continued pressure from less expensive yet high-quality pianos from Japanese makers like Yamaha and Kawai began to push Steinway from their position as the North American piano king. (This battle between the ‘east and the west’ wages on even today. ) A number of their major American competitors were either long gone or in decline. A document provided to Chupp's Piano Service proves interesting. In a letter dated April 6th, 1979 to the late Ed Hendricks, a former Vice President of Marketing and owner of Hendricks’ Pianos in Chicago,....

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Hands on Piano | Holiday Christmas Piano Music

Christmas Piano Video Roundup – Holiday Piano Music

December 2016 | Christmas Music Video Highlights

The holiday season is here! Below are a number of videos we have produced, featuring Christmas music. Enjoy!

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" played on a vintage Steinway Model O Grand Piano by Benjamin Rogers. This classic Christmas song was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. The piano was built in 1918 at the New York Steinway Factory and features a figured African Flame Mahogany cabinet. It is currently awaiting purchase or restoration at our New Paris, IN. Rebuilding Facility.

Philip performing 'Carol of the Bells' on an Art Case 1917 Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano. [George Winston arrangement.] Carol of the Bells was written by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych in 1914. The piano was built during the height of the golden age of piano manufacturing and features a rich, Circassian Walnut cabinet in a Louis XV style. Art Case pianos like this represent the very finest in piano craftsmanship.

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The Three Steps of Steinway Piano Restoration | Infographic

Three Main Steps of Steinway Grand Piano Restoration

The art of piano restoration is more than simply swapping parts. The definition of rebuilt (amount of work actually done on the piano and the associated quality) varies a lot in the industry. Premium brands like Steinway and Mason & Hamlin are among the pianos most likely to warrant an extensive restoration. This infographic touches on some of the basics that go into a full, Steinway piano restoration. Scroll through the handy infographic to learn more about the rich history and work that goes into the restoration of vintage pianos. [Click the infographic to expand.] Read More

Piano Restoration Desktop Wallpapers

 Free Desktop Backgrounds from Chupp's Pianos | Winter 2016

We've designed a few computer desktop backgrounds for our use here at the shop and thought we would share some of them with you. All of these are 1920 x 1080. You can click on either the download link or the photo itself to open a larger version of the desktop background. After doing this right click, and save to your computer. desktop-wallpaper-chupps-piano-service-logo

Download Gold Logo Desktop Background

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Before & After Photos | Piano Restoration - Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Model A Piano Restoration | Before & After

 Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand Piano #21946 | Photos

Along with Steinway & Sons, the Mason & Hamlin piano company continues to be one of the few golden era piano makers still in the business today. New and used Mason & Hamlin instruments are favorites of many pianists and continue in popularity around the world. We recently rebuilt Mason & Hamlin Model A #21946 for a private client in Richmond, Indiana. Completed in 1913 at the Boston, MA factory, this piano is a great example of historic Mason & Hamlin quality. Historic Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand Pianos measure 5'8" in length and are considiered to be one of the finest pianos ever made under 6'. The client visited our shop and selected Model A #21946 for restoration.

The Restoration Process | Before & After

Once selected for restoration, our team of piano technicians and rebuilders went to work. The belly of the piano was fully restored. The cast iron plate's original finish was removed and it was sanded, puttied and re-bronzed. Raised lettering on the plate was hand detailed. Made of solid spruce, the original soundboard and bridges were repaired and refinished and a new soundboard logo was affixed to the center. New copper wound bass strings along with high quality music wire was installed to new, blued tuning pins. Proper bearing was set which allows for optimum soundboard efficiency. A new custom fitted pinblock was fabricated and installed. Dozens of plate screws and bolts were re-plated and the aliquots were polished. Read More
Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626 - Brazilian Rosewood - Victorian Art Case Steinway Grand

History of Art Case Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626

Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626 | A Beautiful Past For A Beautiful Piano

There’s an old saying, “If these walls could talk, they’d tell you a story or two.” A concert grand piano from Steinway & Sons will last for generations and over time they accumulate a rich and beautiful history. As one of the greatest piano manufacturers in the world, Steinway pianos are used in venues and by musicians across the globe. Over time, these pianos will see their fair share of usage, and pass through many hands. At Chupp’s Piano Service, we specialize in restoring these beautiful pianos back to playing perfection, and today, we want to shine a little spotlight on a beautiful piano that we are proud to feature - Steinway Model D Grand Piano #52626.

The Origin of the Modern Concert Grand

In 1884, a major step forward occurred in the development of the mature concert grand piano- the Model D. The then new Model D was designed and created by incredibly talented craftsman C.F. Theodore Steinway. This new design was the first Steinway Grand to feature a double cupola plate. It featured a 20 note bass section, was overstrung, had a continuous soundboard bridge, and a bent rim case construction. These pianos featured agraffes from notes 1-35 and a capo d’astro bar from notes 36-88. Measuring 8’10” in length with 7 ¼ octaves, these pianos are an essential piece of the piano development puzzle.

“Style D has an entirely new interior construction with double cupola steel frame and continuous ring bridge. The improvement in power and sonority of tone is simply marvelous.” – William Steinway, September 1, 1884.

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Cracked Pinblock | Grand Piano Pinblock Restoration

Vintage Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano Rebuilding Project | Delaminated Pinblock

As you can see in the photo, it is time for a new pinblock. The original pinblock inside of this Mason & Hamlin Model AA Grand Piano has definitely seen better days. The wood lamimations have begun to separate and crack which results in very loose tuning pins and a lack of stability. The tuning pin holes have become enlarged from decades of stress. At this point, a new pinblock is very much needed. When this part of the piano restoration process is required, we custom fit the new pinblock to the specific piano. This is essential for both the structual and tuning stability of the instrument. The good news is that the piano overall is in very good condition and we look forward to completing this fine, golden era instrument. [Vintage Mason AA Grands measure 6'2" in length and are considered some of the finest pianos under 7' that were ever built.] Mason & Hamlin AA | Cracked Pinblock - Pinblock Restoration Mason & Hamlin AA | Cracked Pinblock

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Restored Steinway Model D Concert Grand Pianos - Chupp's Piano Service, Specializing in Restored Steinways

Why Buy A Restored Steinway Piano?

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Restored Steinway Grand Piano

Question: “I have read a lot about vintage Steinways vs. new. Why should I consider purchasing a restored Steinway over a new one?"

Here at Chupp’s Pianos, we often receive questions related to the differences between new and restored Steinway & Sons Pianos. After talking to our clients about the benefits and drawbacks of each type of piano, these conversations often lead up to the ultimate question: “Should I buy a new Steinway, or a vintage restored Steinway piano?” At the end of the day, we often find that finding a second home to a restored piano is the best way to go. Restored pianos are excellent musical investments that are often superior to brand new pianos. The workmanship during the 'golden era' of piano manufacturing was truly standard setting. Below you’ll find the top 3 reasons considering a restored Steinway & Sons piano might be in your best interest over a new one.

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VIDEO: The Story of a Steinway Grand Piano Restoration

A Look At The Steinway Piano Rebuilding Process

A little over a year ago we released the short documentary "The Garage Piano: The Story of a Steinway." Since then it has been viewed well over 10,000 times on Facebook and YouTube. This production details just some of the extensive work that goes into each one of our fully rebuilt Steinway pianos. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to take the time to learn a bit more about the piano rebuilding process.
This is the story of the restoration of a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano. This instrument was left alone and neglected in a garage for over 20 years. This short documentary follows the rebuilding process and tells the story of the piano's full restoration and rebirth. From cosmetic details like replacing the keytops to extensively restoring the piano action and refinishing the satin ebony cabinet, this piano documentary shows the work that goes into returning a vintage New York Steinway to its former glory. The art of piano rebuilding is truly art you can feel!
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Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak - Fully Restored Crown Jewel Grand Piano

Featured Piano: 1917 Steinway Model A3 ‘Stretch A’ Grand Piano

Fully Rebuilt Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Very Rare Quarter Sawn Oak

The golden era of piano manufacturing saw high quality and continued innovation become the standard within the industry. Over 300 piano manufacturers in the United States alone competed to craft the best pianos possible. One of the most unique and well designed instruments during this period was the Steinway Model A-3 Grand Piano. These 6' 4 1/2" grand pianos are some of the finest pianos ever produced by the Steinway & Sons Company. Steinway Model A3 #188826 was built in 1917, during the peak of the company's golden era. This particular instrument is special not just for its amazingly well crafted scale design but for its rare cabinet woodwork as well. This piano features a very rare and unique quarter sawn oak cabinet. Used extensively in the past it is more labor intensive and expensive to produced. It is quite rare to find Steinway grand pianos with this desirable grain pattern.

A Rare Favorite

The Steinway Model A-3 has long been a favorite scale design of piano technicians and professional musicians. Discontinued in 1945 due to the competition it created for the larger and pricier Steinway Model B, the Model A-3 is a rare instrument well deserving of the respect it receives. The Model A-3 has become one of our favorite Steinway scale designs and we are proud to feature several of these vintage instruments in our facilities today. Read More
1893 Steinway Model C Semi-Concert Grand Piano | Satin Ebony - Fully Rebuilt/Restored - Vintage Steinway & Sons

The Steinway Model C | An Oft Forgotten Instrument

The Origin and History of the Steinway Model C Grand Piano

The Steinway Model B measures 6’11” in length while the Model D is 8’11”. But what about the piano that comes in between these two? The Steinway & Sons Model C Semi-Concert Grand Piano is an instrument that is often forgotten about – at least by some of us here in North America. Here is a quick history of the lineage of the Semi-Concert Model C.

The Steinway Model C's Origin

The 7’2” Steinway and Sons Model C was first manufactured in 1878 with Steinway #38675 being the first in the series to be completed on 8/24/1878. These seven-octave, 85-note pianos were based upon the earlier Parlor Grands built by Steinway. The Model C, 85-note piano was also known as the Style 3 in catalogues. The scale design featured a 21 note bass section and was redesigned from the earlier parlor grand piano by C.F. Theodore Steinway. The Model C was introduced during a time of advancement for the Steinway Company. The early Model C was first produced with a sectional case design, and in 1880 production of Model Cs with a more modern style bent-rim case began. The 85-note Model C/Style 3 was in production until 1886. Read More

Steinway Model M Grand Pianos | The Popular ‘Studio Grand’

Steinway Model M Grand Pianos | Their Past, Present, & Future

The Steinway Model M is a fantastic grand piano, and has been since its creation in 1911. But before we tell the tale of the Steinway Model M, we need to understand the historical context under which this Steinway piano was invented. Things had begun to shift and change during the early part of the 20th Century. The piano had quickly become THE luxury item that every family yearned to own. Hundreds of thousands of grand and upright pianos were manufactured and sold yearly during this industry 'golden age' in the United States alone. This increasing popularity with the general public led companies to begin to look at crafting instruments that fit inside of smaller rooms and within slightly smaller budgets. Read More

Quick Facts About Steinway Pianos | Infographic

Over 160 Years of Fine Pianos | Quick Facts about Steinways

For over 160 years, the name "Steinway" has represented the finest quality in the piano industry. Founded by Henry E. Steinway, the company quickly became a leader in both craftsmanship and innovation. Over a century and a half later Steinway & Sons continues to expand and grow. With the slogan "The Instrument of the Immortals" Steinway pianos became the preferred choice of over 90% of professional concert pianists due to their unmistakable touch and tone. Scroll through the handy infographic to learn more about the rich history and work that goes into pianos bearing the name of Steinway. Read More
Steinway Model M Grand Piano | Restored Steinways for Sale

Featured Piano: 1927 Steinway Model M ‘Baby Grand’ Piano

Fully Rebuilt Steinway Model M | Fine Restored Pianos for Sale

The pre-WWII era of piano manufacturing saw the growing American industry reach its height in both size and quality. This golden age of piano manufacturing saw incredible quality and innovation become the standard as hundreds of makers competed for the hearts (and wallets) of a piano loving public. Into this era of craftsmanship Steinway Model M #250775 was born. Built in 1927 at the New York Steinway & Sons factory, this 5'7" instrument features an overstrung scale designed by Henry Ziegler. Scaled down from the larger Model O, this instrument was originally designed to give the public a smaller option in Steinway's lineup of grand pianos. Until the introduction of the 5'1" Model S, the Model M was the smallest grand piano that Steinway produced. Read More

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