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1893 Steinway Model C Semi-Concert Grand Piano | Satin Ebony - Fully Rebuilt/Restored - Vintage Steinway & Sons

The Steinway Model C | An Oft Forgotten Instrument

The Origin and History of the Steinway Model C Grand Piano

The Steinway Model B measures 6’11” in length while the Model D is 8’11”. But what about the piano that comes in between these two? The Steinway & Sons Model C Semi-Concert Grand Piano is an instrument that is often forgotten about – at least by some of us here in North America. Here is a quick history of the lineage of the Semi-Concert Model C.

The Steinway Model C's Origin

The 7’2” Steinway and Sons Model C was first manufactured in 1878 with Steinway #38675 being the first in the series to be completed on 8/24/1878. These seven-octave, 85-note pianos were based upon the earlier Parlor Grands built by Steinway. The Model C, 85-note piano was also known as the Style 3 in catalogues. The scale design featured a 21 note bass section and was redesigned from the earlier parlor grand piano by C.F. Theodore Steinway. The Model C was introduced during a time of advancement for the Steinway Company. The early Model C was first produced with a sectional case design, and in 1880 production of Model Cs with a more modern style bent-rim case began. The 85-note Model C/Style 3 was in production until 1886. Read More
Steinway Model D Grand Pianos - Chupp's Piano Service

Music Director Selects Steinway Model D from Chupp’s Pianos

Stephen Baker of Bethany Lutheran Church Selects Steinway Concert Grand

Recently Chupp's Piano Service provided Bethany Lutheran Church of Spencer, Iowa with a pre-owned Steinway Model D 9' Concert Grand Piano. Music Director Stephen Baker was kind enough to send in the following testimonial.
I searched all over the Midwest looking for a used concert grand for our church, and after playing dozens of pianos in Minneapolis, Iowa, and Michigan, I didn't find a better piano or a better value than at Chupp's in Indiana.   When the piano arrived, the word spread throughout town and people were so excited that a couple dozen people showed up just to watch the piano get unloaded and installed in the sanctuary. People who had never seen a 9' Steinway were actually moved to tears at just the sight of it! Read More

Steinway Model M Grand Pianos | The Popular ‘Studio Grand’

Steinway Model M Grand Pianos | Their Past, Present, & Future

The Steinway Model M is a fantastic grand piano, and has been since its creation in 1911. But before we tell the tale of the Steinway Model M, we need to understand the historical context under which this Steinway piano was invented. Things had begun to shift and change during the early part of the 20th Century. The piano had quickly become THE luxury item that every family yearned to own. Hundreds of thousands of grand and upright pianos were manufactured and sold yearly during this industry 'golden age' in the United States alone. This increasing popularity with the general public led companies to begin to look at crafting instruments that fit inside of smaller rooms and within slightly smaller budgets. Read More

Quick Facts About Steinway Pianos | Infographic

Over 160 Years of Fine Pianos | Quick Facts about Steinways

For over 160 years, the name "Steinway" has represented the finest quality in the piano industry. Founded by Henry E. Steinway, the company quickly became a leader in both craftsmanship and innovation. Over a century and a half later Steinway & Sons continues to expand and grow. With the slogan "The Instrument of the Immortals" Steinway pianos became the preferred choice of over 90% of professional concert pianists due to their unmistakable touch and tone. Scroll through the handy infographic to learn more about the rich history and work that goes into pianos bearing the name of Steinway. Read More
Steinway Model M Grand Piano | Restored Steinways for Sale

Featured Piano: 1927 Steinway Model M ‘Baby Grand’ Piano

Fully Rebuilt Steinway Model M | Fine Restored Pianos for Sale

The pre-WWII era of piano manufacturing saw the growing American industry reach its height in both size and quality. This golden age of piano manufacturing saw incredible quality and innovation become the standard as hundreds of makers competed for the hearts (and wallets) of a piano loving public. Into this era of craftsmanship Steinway Model M #250775 was born. Built in 1927 at the New York Steinway & Sons factory, this 5'7" instrument features an overstrung scale designed by Henry Ziegler. Scaled down from the larger Model O, this instrument was originally designed to give the public a smaller option in Steinway's lineup of grand pianos. Until the introduction of the 5'1" Model S, the Model M was the smallest grand piano that Steinway produced. Read More
Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano - Fully Restored - For Sale - Specializing in Restored Steinways - Chupp's Piano Service

A Rare Opportunity | 4 Restored Steinway Model D Grand Pianos

UPDATE: Several of these grand pianos have now been sold. #275187 and #233201 are still available. 

The Steinway & Sons Model D is perhaps the most iconic concert instrument in world history. These 9’ grand pianos truly are the apex of Steinway engineering and craftsmanship.  The Model D offers artists a level of expression unlike any other and has come to set the standard by which other concert pianos are judged. It is very rare to find one, let alone several fully rebuilt Model Ds available to compare in any location. Here at Chupp’s Piano Service we are proud to have four fully rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Pianos in performance ready status in our facility, with more in the process of being rebuilt. Each of these wonderful instruments feature their own distinct musical quality. Read More

The Steinway Model D | The King of Instruments

The Steinway Model D Benchmark

The World's Standard For Concert Grand Pianos Steinway & Son Model D Keys

The Steinway & Sons Model D grand piano is one which signifies an instrument's grace, power, and delicacy unlike any other. Measuring at 8'11 3/4" in length, the Model D towers above regular grand pianos, which are usually around 5’6” to 6’ long. Truly the pinnacle of Steinway's historic dedication to innovation and top shelf craftsmanship, the thousand pound Model D-274 truly is the standard by which other concert pianos are judged against. Decades of craftsmanship and development, signified and represented by one instrument it has long been considered the first choice of concert pianists. Read More
Solungga Liu Concert Pianist | Chupps Piano Service

“A Magnificent Instrument” Solungga Liu’s Restored Steinway B

Concert Pianist and Professor on her Rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model B

Chupp's Piano Service is proud to provide many professional pianists with premium restored Steinway & Sons pianos. Accomplished Concert Pianist and Professor Solungga Liu purchased a rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano from us. She was kind enough to give us the following testimonial. Read More
The Art of Piano Rebuilding | Premium Restored Pianos from Chupp's Piano Service

The Interior Parts of a Grand Piano

A Basic Overview & What You Need to Know

The grand piano is one of, if not the most distinctive and recognizable instruments in history. Invented in the early 1600s by inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori, the piano has a long and rich history. The mention of a grand piano may conjure up images of a shiny black cabinet and seemingly countless black and white keys. But while the outside is magnificent, the inside is where the heart of the piano truly lies. There are over 12,000 parts in a ‘basic’ Steinway grand piano and the vast majority of them are held in the interior of the cabinet. The piano truly is a modern mechanical marvel! Here is a quick rundown of the basic interior parts of a grand piano.

Refinished Cast Iron Grand Piano Plates | Inside a Grand PianoThe Plate

When lifting the lid and looking inside, the first piano part you probably will notice is the large cast iron plate. Although colors and casting methods vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the basic function of the plate stays the same. The plate (sometimes called the piano's harp) serves as the backbone for the piano. The strings are affixed to the plate and the pins in the pinblock, so it must be able to withstand up to 40,000 pounds of tension. The large holes you see on the plate are cooling holes, which allow the cast metal to cool evenly. Usually the plate features various patent information and logos from the manufacturer. (You have to put your branding somewhere!) Read More
Steinway Model O vs. Steinway Model L | Whats the Difference?

The Steinway Model O vs. Model L – What’s the Difference?

The Steinway Model O vs. the Model L | What's the Difference?

Question: “The Steinway Model O and the Model L grand pianos seem to be about the same? What is the difference?

Similar Yet Different | Steinway Model vs. Model L

There are many differences between the various models of pianos bearing the name of Steinway & Sons. From the diminutive 5’1″ Model S to the imposing 8’11” Concert Model D, Steinway pianos run a wide range of sizes and sound. Each size of piano has its place and purpose. However there are models that are considered to be very similar and the Model O and the Model L are two of those. The Model O and the Model L are both about the same size and have actually both replaced each other during various periods in the Steinway & Sons company history. Read More
Steinway & Sons Model C Grand Piano Fall Board Logo Decal

Dr. Howard Lantner on his Restored Steinway Model C

Letter of Recommendation | Restored Steinway Model C

Chupp's Piano Service recently fully restored a vintage Steinway & Sons Model C Semi-Concert Grand Piano for neurosurgeon Dr. Howard Lantner. He was kind enough to send in the following letter of recommendation about his experience purchasing from Chupp's Pianos. Steinway-Model-C-#93299-Mahogany"I had taken piano lessons as a child for few a years. While I enjoyed it, it was a chore to practice, so quit after elementary school. I had hoped to resume it down the road. 24 years later, I finished school and training and settled in Connecticut. My parents still had the old upright piano in their home and let me take it to my home. I started taking piano lessons on it and hoped that one day I would progress enough to be worthy of a vintage Steinway Grand. That was 23 years ago. Read More
1922 Steinway & Sons Model A-3 Grand Piano #214713 - Fully Restored - Polished Ebony

The Steinway Model A-1 vs. A-2 vs. A-3

The Steinway Model A Family | What's the Difference?

Question: “I was looking at Steinway Model A pianos and noticed that there are pianos labeled Model A-1, A-2 and A-3 and it is getting a bit confusing. What is the difference between these models of Steinway pianos?
Steinway & Sons Model A-III Grand Piano in Satin Ebony - Fully Rebuilt Steinway Model A3

The First Model A Grand Piano | 1878

The Model A family of pianos consists of several 6' variants in Steinway's line of grand pianos. The A-1, A-2 and A-3 are all in the same family, yet there are some distinct differences, and even differences within those models. Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 and the first Model A, the A-1 was first introduced back in 1878. This piano measured 6’ in length. This piano was an 85 note piano and the scale design was scaled down from the larger Model B. When first introduced the Model A was actually the smallest of all of the grand pianos built and sold by Steinway. (This was before the introduction of the Models S, O, L or M.) The scale design was crafted by C.F. Theodore Steinway, an innovative man credited with many of the patents and technical advances introduced by Steinway in their early days of operation. This model was fairly historic in terms of innovation and introduced the bent-rim case construction, which allowed for a better transfer of soundboard vibrations, a technique still in use today. Read More
Steinway & Sons Model B Music Room Grand Piano #231416 - Fully Restored, Golden Age Steinway Model B Piano

The Steinway Model B – “The Perfect Piano”

About the Steinway Model B Grand Piano

The First Model B Grands | 85 Notes

The Steinway & Sons Model B is considered by many to be a perfect balance of size and power making it a very versatile instrument. Measuring 6'11" in length, 58" in width and weighing well over 700 pounds these pianos are much larger than a Steinway Model S, M, or L. (And a bit larger than the somewhat comparable Model A-II.) The Model B 'Music Room Grand' was introduced in 1878 as a replacement for the piano that Steinway called the Monitor Grand. This instrument is considered to be the first modern piano ever built by Steinway. (The first several Model B pianos were built in the style of these Monitor Grands.) These early Model B Grands featured an 85 note keyboard and were offered in various art case cabinet styles. A capo d'astro bar was utilized in place of agraffes for notes 52 to 85. In 1891 #73212 the first Model B with an 88 note keyboard was introduced and in 1897 the Steinway factory in Hamburg, Germany began production of the Model B. Read More
Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano - Fully Restored 1929

A Unique Steinway Model D Grand Piano

Model D #269017 | A Unique Steinway Piano

In the early 1980s, I had a long conversation with Fred Drasche the former head service technician at Steinway. As we discussed the history of Steinway and their instruments, he told me that around 1950, Steinway produced two Model D grand pianos with Western Red Cedar soundboards. The red cedar was used in place of the regular spruce soundboards. His words were "those were two of the best sounding Steinway Ds I ever heard." For many years, we here at Chupp's Pianos wanted to install a western red cedar soundboard. This goal was something which we were finally able to accomplish recently! Out of five pianos in which we installed western red cedar soundboards, Steinway Model D #269017 is the most powerful of them all.  Some of the finest acoustic guitars incorporate western red cedar tops to obtain optimal tonal quality so utilizing this material in musical instruments is not uncommon. Attached is a link to more information about the piano and photos are embedded below. Read More

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