Sold: 1911 Steinway Hamburg Model D Grand Piano – Rosewood

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1911  Hamburg Steinway Model D Grand Piano | Brazilian Rosewood – Fully Restored

The Steinway Model D has endured decades of fierce competition to become the world’s leading concert grand piano – the instrument by which all others are judged. Steinway & Sons has a long and rich history of craftsmanship. A unique part of this lore is their dual factories, one in New York, the other in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg Steinway Grand Pianos are well respected and often preferred over their New York cousins. This extremely rare and extraordinary  Hamburg Steinway Concert Grand is in exotic Brazilian Rosewood. A concert pianist recently played this piano and was absolutely astounded at the rich and powerful tone that is open, bold and clear. He said the action is extremely responsive and commented on the incredible, dynamic range this concert grand possesses. The bass is strong, supported and broad, and the upper registers ring freely. The instrument is ideal for those players pursuing a professional career.

The Genuine Steinway & Sons Hamburg hammers bring out the wonderful tonal nuances unique to the best Hamburg Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Pianos. Hamburg Steinways offer a unique character that is very refined and pure. For most pianists, playing this piano is a once in a lifetime experience! We completed the full restoration of this extraordinary concert level instrument. This piano was purchased by a private client who flew in from Japan.


steinway-sons-model-d-hamburg-rosewood-concert-grand-pianoPeriod Authentic Fallboard Logo | Steinway Model D

Restoration Includes:

  • New solid spruce soundboard & bridge caps
  • New custom fitted pinblock
  • New German music wire and tuning pins
  • Highest quality custom made bass strings
  • Restored original ivory key tops
  • New German Renner wippens
  • New genuine Hamburg Steinway hammers, shanks and flanges
  • Re-bronzed cast iron plate
  • Refinished damper heads
  • New damper felts
  • Semi-gloss hand rubbed, closed pore lacquer finish on Rosewood
  • Concert action regulation
  • Expert tone regulation/voicing
  • Action weighed off to Steinway specifications for maximum speed and responsiveness
  • New damper back action and much more

Historic Level of Piano Craftsmanship | Fine RestorationsExpert Piano Rebuilding & Piano Restoration - Painting Soundboard Bridges.

Grand pianos that were built during the ‘golden age’ of piano manufacturing are lasting testaments to the high level of craftsmanship and continuing innovation that was common at the Steinway Factories. These high-level musical instruments are some of the finest to ever be manufactured. You must play and see this valuable instrument close up to appreciate the true craftsmanship that went into the restoration. We have over forty years of experience rebuilding and restoring premium quality Steinway & Sons instruments. This golden age piano is truly a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship that was standard at the Steinway factory during this time. Our Goshen, Indiana Piano Showroom features the largest selection of restored Steinway pianos in the Midwest. Call or email us for a private selection appointment to see and play this piano for yourself.

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Our History
Over Four Decades of Expert Piano Service
Founded in 1975 by Master Piano Technician Dennis Chupp, Chupp's Piano Service, Inc. has been serving the piano needs of the music community around the world for over forty years. Specializing in premium restored Steinway & Sons, new Kawai, vintage Mason & Hamlin and pre-owned Yamaha pianos, Chupp's Piano Service is a full-service piano business.
  • Over 2,000 Vintage Steinway pianos sold.
  • Multiple pianos provided to concert venues and universities.
  • A wide selection of premium restored Steinway grand pianos for sale.
  • Full piano restoration services
  • Piano moving, concert-level regulation, piano tuning, and more.
The Chupp's Pianos Difference
A family-owned and operated business, Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. has the experience and dedication needed to ensure the highest caliber of work. Whether you need your piano tuned, fully rebuilt, or are in the market to purchase your dream instrument, look no further than Chupp’s Pianos. Our premium Steinway Piano Restorations show our commitment to craftsmanship and utilize the best techniques. We are ready to serve your piano needs! For more information contact us today. We are happy to assist!
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