SOLD: 1901 Steinway Model B Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak – Restored

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1901 Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak – Fully Restored

This extremely rare “new arm” design Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano features an exceedingly rare Quarter Sawn Oak cabinet. Built in the New York Steinway Factory in 1901, this turn of the century vintage instrument is a stunning piece of art, both in case design and musicality. Steinway Model B grand pianos measure 6’11” in length and are the second largest piano now produced by the Steinway Factory in New York. One of the most popular pianos ever built by Steinway & Sons, these pianos blend sound, size and tonal range into an amazingly versatile instrument. Many professional pianists consider these ‘seven-foot’ instruments to be the ‘perfect piano’ and choose them as their personal practice instruments. These pianos are perfect for the homes of pianists, studio recording, concert stages, places of worship and more. This piano has undergone an extensive rebuilding process to return it to a pristine, like new condition.

VIDEO: Prelude in E Minor by Chopin on Steinway Model B #103194

Restoration Includes:

  • New custom fitted solid spruce soundboard and bridges
  • New hard maple, custom fitted pinblock
  • New German music wire and blued tuning pins
  • Premium quality custom made soft copper bass strings
  • New custom fabricated high-grade keyset (keys)
  • New high-grade German Kluge style key tops
  • New German Renner wippens
  • New natural felt hammers, new shanks & flanges
  • New damper felts and refinished damper heads
  • Semi-gloss hand rubbed, closed pore lacquer finish
  • Re-bronzed and hand-lettered original plate
  • Concert action regulation
  • Expert tone regulation/voicing
  • Action weighed off to proper specifications
  • New damper back action and much more!
  • Contact us for an appointment!

This instrument has been painstakingly restored to top concert standards. The piano’s action has been fully rebuilt with new German Renner wippens, and new hammers, shanks and flanges. A new custom keyset of the highest quality has been fabricated and installed. A new soundboard formed out of high grade, close-grained spruce has been installed along with a new hard maple pinblock. Our expert piano technicians have completed extensive action and tone regulation to ensure a responsive touch and a rich quality of tone. The piano features the broad tonal range expected of any concert level Steinway with a full bass and a treble section that sings with a bell-like quality.

The ‘new arm’ style, quarter sawn oak cabinet is incredibly detailed and it is very rare to see Steinway grand pianos utilizing this wood. We have refinished this instrument’s cabinet in a premium closed pore, hand rubbed semi-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. Combining visual beauty with an awe-inspiring quality of tone, this Steinway Model B truly lives up to the nickname of ‘the perfect piano.’  [Click here to read more about our Steinway piano restoration process.]


Own a Piece of Piano History | Vintage Quality – Restored

The golden era of piano manufacturing saw the crafting of some of the finest pianos ever built. Access to the finest materials and high-level craftsmanship helped the piano industry reach a peak level of perfection. This tradition of quality is one we are proud to carry on here at Chupp’s Piano Service. This unique instrument that is sure to be the musical centerpiece of your home or professional setting and is one of the finest pianos we have for sale today. This piano plays like a dream and you must experience it for yourself to truly appreciate the nuances in tone and its quick, responsive touch.

If you have any questions about this or any other fine restored piano we have in our selection, do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We have over four decades of experience rebuilding these vintage concert instruments. Our facilities here in Northern Indiana feature an uncommonly large selection of the finest restored Steinway grand pianos for sale. We are happy to schedule private selection appointments to accommodate your schedule. Contact us today for more information. [Toll-free: 888.831.5820.]


Five Year Warranty from Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc.close

“A Steinway rebuilt by Chupp’s Piano Service is worthy of the world’s greatest artists and most prestigious stages. But above all it is worthy of the name Steinway.”

– Dr. John Mortensen, Steinway Artist

Additional Services

Piano Saver System Installation.

Chupp’s Piano Service is an authorized and experienced installer for the Piano Life Saver System from Dampp Chaser. This advanced system is a combined humidifier and de-humidifier. The Piano Life Saver constantly monitors the humidity level and makes micro adjustments to ensure a stable environment for your prized instrument. Here at Chupp’s, we have utilized these systems for years and we highly recommend you protect your priceless piano with one of these affordable systems.

Jansen Artist Benches

We are pleased to carry Jansen Artist Piano Benches, truly the highest quality benches available today. Constructed out of the finest materials here in the United States, you will not find a higher quality, more durable product. We can provide you with a bench that matches your piano with multiple leg styles and a wide selection of finishes. These benches come with either a high-quality vinyl top or premium leather upholstery.

Custom Action Regulation

Our piano technicians are true experts in the art of action and tone regulation. We can adjust the action to ensure that it meets your personal playing preferences. We can utilize Genuine Steinway, German Renner or any other quality action parts you wish to use. Whether you desire a light or heavy touch or a bright or more mellow tone, we can craft the playing experience that is right for you. Learn more about the process here.

Cross Country Piano Moving

Moving a piano requires expert care and attention to detail. With a typical piano weighing hundreds of pounds, it is essential that you hire experts to move your prized instrument. Chupp’s Piano Moving utilizes specialized equipment to ensure your piano is moved safely and securely. Unlike regular movers, we are piano professionals that understand how to safely and quickly move your piano. Because of this attention to detail clients from all over the country continue to select our beautiful pianos.

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