SOLD: 1946 Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano | Satin Ebony – Restored

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1946 Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano | – Satin Ebony – #319648

The world’s most famous piano. First introduced in 1884 and still in regular production at both the New York and Hamburg Factories, the Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano is the instrument by which all other concert pianos are judged. The pinnacle of Steinway piano design, these instruments measure just under nine feet in length. Often featured on the stages of the most premier concert venues in the world, they are just at home in the residences of many Steinway aficionados and advanced pianists. Steinway & Sons Model D #319648 has been expertly restored by Chupp’s Piano Service. This golden-era instrument has undergone a painstaking and careful rebuilding process to return it to its deserved place as a concert-level, concert-ready Steinway grand!

The cabinet is in a traditional, Sketch 380 cabinet design with square arms and tapered spade-style legs. Finished in rich, satin ebony, the piano features the original, restored brass hardware. The piano’s action has been fully rebuilt and includes new German Renner hammers hung on Renner shanks and flanges, along with new wippens and a new damper backaction. New premium steel music wire and custom copper wound bass strings have been coiled to blued Klinke tuning pins. The piano features an original Steinway Factory-installed soundboard which has been carefully restored. The soundboard bridges have been re-pinned with nickel-plated bridge pins. The new custom-fitted hard maple pinblock holds the blued Klinke tuning pins tightly for a stable tune. The massive cast iron plate has been expertly re-bronzed and hand-lettered. The original nickel and brass hardware have been replated and restored.

Expertly regulated by our piano technicians, this concert instrument responds effortlessly and confidently to the touch of the pianist. Extensive tone regulation has been performed to ensure that the very best is brought out from this instrument. The bass roars to life and the treble rings free and clear. The piano’s tone can be described as wonderfully powerful and possessing a bright clarity that lacks any unwanted harshness.  The action has been carefully weighed off. This produces a touch that is quick and sure. The responsiveness is capable of supporting top artist-level repertoires with a superior level of expression. It is sure to fill the far corners of any concert hall and please any discerning pianist! The powerful scale design of the Model D is on full display.

Considered to be the standard by which all other concert pianos are judged, the Steinway & Sons Model D epitomizes historic craftsmanship and pure musicality like no other instrument! This fine concert grand piano is one of several that we proudly feature in our piano rebuilding facility and showroom. Our facilities feature a unique collection of fully restored Steinway & Sons instruments of all sizes – including a number of concert grands. This rare selection allows you to select from some of the finest grand pianos ever crafted!

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Full Restoration Includes:

  • Steinway Factory installed solid spruce soundboard
  • New custom fit hard maple pinblock
  • New premium music wire & Klinke Diamond blued tuning pins
  • Premium quality custom made soft copper bass strings
  • Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH Keyset – (Kluge owned by Steinway)
  • New genuine Kluge keytops
  • New German Renner wippens
  • New German Renner hammers on Renner shanks & flanges
  • New damper back action
  • Refinished damper heads
  • New damper felts
  • Satin ebony cabinet finish
  • Re-bronzed & hand-lettered cast iron plate
  • Restored brass and re-plated nickel hardware
  • Plate floated to obtain proper down bearing
  • Concert action regulation
  • Expert tone regulation/voicing
  • Action weighed off to concert specifications
  • Ready to play at our Rebuilding Facility/Showroom

Five-Year Warranty from Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc.close

Concert Level Piano Restoration, Sales & Service – Since 1975

The Steinway & Sons piano represents centuries of piano development, advancement, and lasting craftsmanship. For over forty years, Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. has specialized in returning these vintage Steinway pianos to life. We are a complete, full-service piano business and we have one of the largest selections of fully restored Steinway & Sons pianos in the country! Restoring pianos is our passion and we believe the quality of our work, sings for itself. We don’t just change parts. We have the experience, training, and dedication required to complete a full, concert-level rebuild of these historic pianos. We have an uncommonly large number of fully rebuilt pianos at our facilities for you to experience today. Our rebuilt Steinways boast the classic Steinway quality of tone that discerning clients crave. Contact us today for a private selection appointment and come play our many restored Steinway pianos in our New Paris, Indiana Rebuilding Facility and Showroom.

Additional Piano Services

Piano Life Saver System Installation.

Chupp’s Piano Service is an authorized and recommended installer for the Piano Life Saver System from Dampp Chaser. This advanced system is a combined humidifier and de-humidifier. The Piano Life Saver System constantly monitors the humidity level and makes micro-adjustments to ensure a stable environment for your prized instrument. We feel these systems to be essential, especially for pianos that are subjected to institutional level use or major swings in climate. Here at Chupp’s Piano Service, we have utilized these systems for years and we highly recommend you protect your priceless piano with one of these affordable systems.

Jansen Artist Benches

We are pleased to carry Jansen Artist Piano Benches, the highest quality music benches available today. Constructed of the finest materials here in the United States you will not find a higher quality, more durable product. We can provide you with a bench that matches your piano with multiple leg styles and a wide selection of finishes to select from. These benches come with either a high-quality vinyl top or premium leather upholstery.

QRS PNOmation III Player Piano Systems

We proudly offer the PNO3 Player Piano System, the latest in player piano advancement. This system stores the music onboard, which eliminates the need for unsightly control boxes and stacks of discs. These systems are controlled by any WiFi capable device and are virtually invisible when installed on your piano! The PNOmation system stores a vast music library featuring music from artists ranging from Elton John to Sergei Rachmaninoff. We have worked with many of the systems on the market today and stand behind QRS’ quality. The new PNOmation III is the system we recommend to our clients! [Click here to see this amazing system in action!]

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Custom Action Regulation

Our piano technicians are true experts in the art of action and tone regulation. We can adjust the action to ensure that it meets your personal playing preferences. We can utilize Genuine Steinway, German Renner or any other quality action parts you wish to use. Whether you desire a light or heavy touch or a bright or more mellow tone, we can craft the playing experience that is right for you. [Learn more about the process here.]

Cross Country Piano Moving/Delivery

Moving a piano requires expert care and attention to detail. With a typical piano weighing hundreds of pounds, it is essential that you hire experts to move your prized instrument. Chupp’s Piano Moving utilizes specialized equipment so your piano is moved and delivered safely and securely. Unlike regular furniture movers, we are piano professionals that understand how to safely and quickly move your piano. We partner with the most trusted movers in the industry to ensure you receive your dream piano no matter where you live! From local clients mere minutes away to customers in Japan and Dubai, our pianos have been delivered the world over. Distance is not an issue!

Steinway & Sons Model M Cross Section - Technical Drawing

Steinway Model M Grand Piano Cross Section Print

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