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“Chupp’s (Pianos) offers a winning value proposition that few can match.” – Testimonial

Testimonial - Long-Distance Client Finds Their Dream Steinway 

One of the things that we assist with quite often, is the selection of a piano by a client who lives well outside of our local region. The team here at Chupp's Pianos was recently fortunate enough to be able to provide a beautiful Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano to one of these customers. We worked with them via email and phone to ensure they received an instrument that met their expectations. Our network of expert piano delivery specialists allows us to deliver across the entire country - and even overseas! They were kind enough to send in a testimonial about the piano and their experience working with Chupp's Piano Service. Read More

North Carolina Family Purchases Grand Piano from Chupp’s Piano Service – Testimonial

North Carolina Family on their Chupp's Pianos Kawai Grand

We were recently fortunate enough to be able to provide a beautiful Kawai Grand Piano to a family in North Carolina. They were kind enough to send in a testimonial about the piano and their experience working with Chupp's Piano Service. It is always a joy to be able to help pair up a 'perfect piano' to a new home!
If you haven’t watched Chupp’s video, “The Garage Piano,” I encourage you to do so. This video showed me Mr. Chupp’s integrity and the heart of this family business, and I immediately knew that I wanted them to rebuild my circa 1891 grand piano. I contacted them right away via their website. Tim Chupp called me back, and we discussed the rebuilding process and the costs involved.
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Steinway & Sons Logo, Piano Keys -Steinway Model B #237578

“…work was first class – one of the finest restorations.” – Google Reviews of Chupp’s Piano Service

"We can’t believe what a beautiful instrument it is; exactly as represented"

Recommendations and reviews from our friends and clients is always a great encouragement. Read on to view two recent reviews left on our Google Business listing. Thank you to Franklin and Diana for your kind words!
"We purchased our piano from Chupps in 2003 and it has been one of the best purchases we have ever made. We really had to save to buy and restore the Steinway B, but Dennis Chupp patiently helped us to find exactly what we were looking for and he restored it to perfection.   The cost was less than what others had quoted us and the quality of Chupp's work was first-class. Our piano tuner (who is quite noted herself) said it is one of the finest restorations she has seen. She loves voicing and tuning our Steinway.
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Art Case Steinway Model A-2 Grand Piano in Home - Chupp's Piano Service - Restored Pianos for Sale

Steinway Piano Provided to Little Rock, AR Clients by Chupp’s Pianos

Little Rock, AR Clients on their Chupp's Piano Service Vintage Steinway Grand Piano

We were recently fortunate enough to be able to provide a beautiful vintage Steinway & Sons Grand Piano to Sam & Kim Vallery of Little Rock, Arkansas. They were kind enough to send in a testimonial about the piano they purchased from us along with some beautiful photos, which we have included below.

"What a delightful experience it was to come and see your pianos. We had scoured our area (Little Rock) in search of the perfect piano for me, but were left disappointed. We then hit the road. We ended up in Elkhart IN, visited several stores, and saved the best for last. Dennis gave me free rein to play whatever piano I wanted. No pressure, no time frame.
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Steinway Artist John Mortensen of Cedarville University Selects Instruments from Chupp’s Pianos

Dr. Mortensen on his experience with Chupp's Piano ServiceDr. John Mortensen, Steinway Artist | Chupp's Piano Service, Inc.

Chupp's Piano Service regularly gets the opportunity to work with top University music programs and faculty. We recently completed delivery of several premium, fully restored Steinway Grand Pianos to Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. This included a rare Steinway Model C, a Steinway Model L and a concert level Steinway Model D Grand Piano for the University's performance hall. [Which appropriately enough, features a soundboard made of unique Western Red Cedar.]

Dr. John Mortensen oversees the over 60 pianos utilized by the music department. An incredibly accomplished pianist, academic and overall musician, Dr. Mortensen is also an official International Steinway Artist. His writings appear in International Piano, Clavier, College Music Symposium, Piano Pedagogy Forum, and American Music Teacher. He was kind enough to write the following testimonial about his experience working with us to secure top quality instruments for the university.

The Steinway is the finest piano in the world, deserving not only elite artists to play it but also elite technicians to care for it. Dennis Chupp is just such a craftsman. A Master Technician trained at the Steinway Factory in New York, he received personal coaching from former Steinway head Service Technician Fred Drasche and has collaborated with the nation's leaders in the field of piano technology. His company, Chupp's Piano Service, specializes in re-manufacturing and repair of vintage pianos, bringing glorious new life to instruments which had fallen silent through the ravages of age, damage and neglect.
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Steinway Model M Grand Piano | Midwest Restored Steinways

Ohio Pianist Selects Restored Steinway M from Chupp’s Pianos

Kevin Vietmeier On His Golden Era Restored Steinway

Recently we were able to fully restore a golden era Steinway & Sons Model M Grand Piano for pianist Kevin Vietmeier. We were all very pleased with the tone and touch of the finished instrument. He was kind enough to leave a five star Google Review for us which we have reprinted below.
"After searching for a grand piano in Pennsylvania and Ohio (including official Steinway stores), I stumbled across Chupp's and drove out to play a Model M they had on sale. The owner, Dennis, was extremely patient and walked me through his restoration facility explaining the entire process of restoring a vintage Steinway. After playing some of their fully restored pianos, I was greatly impressed and decided to purchase a 1923 Model M and have them do a complete restoration.   Dennis and Tim were both upfront and honest with me throughout the entire process, and in the end I got a beautifully restored Steinway with the gorgeous tone I was expecting and unfortunately not hearing when playing brand new Steinways at other stores. I have had two technicians play the piano, and both were astounded at the excellent workmanship put into this instrument.

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Steinway Model D Grand Pianos - Chupp's Piano Service

Music Director Selects Steinway Model D from Chupp’s Pianos

Stephen Baker of Bethany Lutheran Church Selects Steinway Concert Grand

Recently Chupp's Piano Service provided Bethany Lutheran Church of Spencer, Iowa with a pre-owned Steinway Model D 9' Concert Grand Piano. Music Director Stephen Baker was kind enough to send in the following testimonial.
I searched all over the Midwest looking for a used concert grand for our church, and after playing dozens of pianos in Minneapolis, Iowa, and Michigan, I didn't find a better piano or a better value than at Chupp's in Indiana.   When the piano arrived, the word spread throughout town and people were so excited that a couple dozen people showed up just to watch the piano get unloaded and installed in the sanctuary. People who had never seen a 9' Steinway were actually moved to tears at just the sight of it! Read More
Baldwin Model M Grand Piano Interior - Ruthmere Museum, Elkhart, Indiana

Letter to the Editor: Reader Appreciates Rebuilt Baldwin Piano

Joyce Brown of Edwardsburg, Michigan sent in this very nice letter to the editor to The Elkhart Truth about the historic Baldwin Model M Grand Piano we rebuilt and presented at the Ruthmere Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. The piano was originally built in 1938 at the Cincinnati Baldwin piano factory and was the personal piano of the Deputy family, the last residents of the Ruthmere Museum. This instrument was donated to be placed in the museum by the Deputy family and was fully rebuilt by the team here at Chupp's Piano Service.
An outstanding musical gift to our community was presented at the Ruthmere Museum Friday night April 1. The event welcomed back a totally restored 1938 Baldwin Baby Grand piano, generously funded by the original owners, the Deputy family. Read More
Solungga Liu Concert Pianist | Chupps Piano Service

“A Magnificent Instrument” Solungga Liu’s Restored Steinway B

Concert Pianist and Professor on her Rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model B

Chupp's Piano Service is proud to provide many professional pianists with premium restored Steinway & Sons pianos. Accomplished Concert Pianist and Professor Solungga Liu purchased a rebuilt Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano from us. She was kind enough to give us the following testimonial. Read More
Steinway & Sons Model C Grand Piano Fall Board Logo Decal

Dr. Howard Lantner on his Restored Steinway Model C

Letter of Recommendation | Restored Steinway Model C

Chupp's Piano Service recently fully restored a vintage Steinway & Sons Model C Semi-Concert Grand Piano for neurosurgeon Dr. Howard Lantner. He was kind enough to send in the following letter of recommendation about his experience purchasing from Chupp's Pianos. Steinway-Model-C-#93299-Mahogany"I had taken piano lessons as a child for few a years. While I enjoyed it, it was a chore to practice, so quit after elementary school. I had hoped to resume it down the road. 24 years later, I finished school and training and settled in Connecticut. My parents still had the old upright piano in their home and let me take it to my home. I started taking piano lessons on it and hoped that one day I would progress enough to be worthy of a vintage Steinway Grand. That was 23 years ago. Read More
Steinway Model A1 Plate Logo and Patents | Restored by Chupp's Piano Service

Prof. Catherine Walker on her Chupp’s Steinway Model B

University of Michigan Professor Purchases Restored Steinway

Chupp's Piano Service has provided many professional pianists and artists with premium restored Steinway instruments. Recently we provided a restored Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano to Catherine Walker in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is what she had to say: Dear Dennis, When I decided to begin the process of "active replacement" for my personal piano, I knew that there was only one call I needed to make.  My experience with Chupp's Pianos, while purchasing pianos for my school some years ago,  was stellar and inspired complete confidence in my decision to return to your company. My hope was to upgrade to a more professional instrument but the acquisition of a Steinway seemed like a an unrealistic fantasy.  That being said, here I sit with a gorgeous Steinway B in my home.  I am still overwhelmed by this gorgeous piano and I still feel like I must be dreaming. This was only possible with your help and guidance. Read More
Dr. Eric Tucker on his Chupp's Piano Steinway Model O

Dr. Eric Tucker talks about his Steinway Model O Grand

Professor Selects Steinway Grand from Chupp's Pianos

Recently, Dr. Eric Tucker from Central Michigan University purchased a restored Steinway & Sons Model O Grand Piano from us. Dr. Tucker serves as the Professor of Voice and Opera, serves as the Coordinator of the Vocal/Choral area, teaches Vocal Techniques and directs the Opera program as well as Applied Voice. He was kind enough to record a testimonial video explaining why he chose Chupp's Pianos' services. Read More

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