1914 Steinway Model A-2 Grand Piano | Mahogany – Restored

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1914 Steinway & Sons Model A, Style II Grand Piano #165814

The Steinway & Sons Model A continues to be one of the most preferred models offered by the legendary Steinway & Sons Piano Company. First introduced for sale in 1878, the Model A has undergone several design changes and adjustments throughout its long life. The Model A was not built at the New York Steinway Factory for much of the 1900s with production continuing in Hamburg. The Model A2 was recently reintroduced by the New York Factory in 2005. Measuring 6’2″ in length, these ‘parlor grands’ offer a wonderfully balanced scale design that is at home in residences and performance venues alike.

Crafted during the rise of the golden era of piano manufacturing, Steinway & Sons Model A-II #165814 has undergone a careful rebuilding and restoration process to return it to a high-performance level. This instrument was built in 1914 during the crossover from the Model A-2 to A-3. Thus, this instrument is among the last historic Model A-2 Grands built in the New York Steinway Factory! The piano’s action has been fully rebuilt with new, highest-quality parts. This includes German Renner wippens, new Hamburg-style Renner hammers, shanks, and flanges. A new damper back action has been installed and adjusted for optimal performance. The action has been fully regulated and voiced by our technicians. New premium music wire and custom copper wound bass strings have been coiled to blued Klinke tuning pins. A new custom-fitted pinblock made of hard rock maple has been installed as well as a new close-grained, solid spruce soundboard for optimum quality of tone.


The massive cast iron plate, the backbone of the piano, has been expertly re-bronzed and hand-lettered. The piano’s cabinet is in a modern style and features notched, square arms, and a pointed music desk. The flame mahogany cabinet has been expertly refinished in a closed pore, hand-rubbed lacquer. The original solid brass hardware has been expertly restored and contrasts beautifully against the rich, natural wood cabinet.

Steinway Model A #165814 features a powerful, musical quality of tone, combined with a sought-after clarity in the tenor and treble. The piano’s action has been weighed off to correct, concert standards. This ensures a responsive, performance-level touch. Expert regulation and voicing have been completed by our piano technicians to ensure that this piano performs at the level expected of a piano bearing the name of ‘Steinway.’ This art case instrument is a true jewel, and is sure to be the showpiece of any room it is placed in!

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  • New custom fitted solid spruce soundboard
  • New hard rock maple pinblock
  • New Mapes International Gold music wire
  • Klinke Diamond blued tuning pins
  • Premium quality custom made soft copper bass strings
  • New damper felts & refinished damper heads
  • New premium keytops & restored ebony sharps
  • New damper back action
  • New German Renner wippens,
  • New Hamburg-style Renner hammers, shanks & flanges
  • Premium closed pore, hand-rubbed cabinet finish
  • Art Case/Crown Jewel Flame Mahogany Cabinet
  • Replated nickel hardware
  • Re-bronzed and hand-lettered original plate
  • Plate floated to obtain proper down bearing
  • Full concert action regulation
  • Concert level tone regulation/voicing
  • Action weighed off to concert specifications

The Highest In Quality | Vintage Steinway & Sons Restoration

‘Golden age’ Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos have become the preferred choice of countless concert pianists, recording artists, and piano aficionados around the world.  Golden-era Steinway pianos are the epitome of the craftsmanship that has made the Steinway name so legendary. Craftsmen had access to the very finest materials and intense competition drove them to create the best pianos possible. Here at Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. our restoration work is focused on returning each vintage piano to a concert level of performance. For over four decades we have brought new life to a countless number of historic grand pianos and are dedicated to carrying on the longstanding workmanship of the piano industry.

“A Steinway rebuilt by Chupp’s Piano Service is worthy of the world’s greatest artists and most prestigious stages. But above all it is worthy of the name Steinway.”

Dr. John Mortensen, Steinway Artist

Vintage Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos continue to be prized by top artists and piano aficionados for their incredible tone and historic quality. Our rebuilding facility and piano showroom feature an uncommonly large number of original condition and fully restored Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and other pianos from other fine makers. We are also an authorized Kawai piano dealer offering Kawai grand, upright and digital pianos. Located in the heart of Northern Indiana, we are conveniently located between Chicago, Detroit, and Fort Wayne. Our work is of the finest quality and we are confident that our pianos speak for themselves! Contact us today for more information and to set up a private selection appointment. [Toll-free: 1-888-831-5820.]

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Chupp’s Piano Service | Steinway Piano Rebuilding | Art Case Restoration | Over Forty Years of Family Run Craftsmanship

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